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  1. crazyrabbits23

    What are your favorite 10 games? (and why?)

    Shortlist: 1) Deus Ex: Played religiously yearly for the last two decades. Not stopping anytime soon -- just installed the GMDX mod. 2) Baldur's Gate II: Still the best 2.5D D&D RPG ever made. So far, nothing else has come close, not Pillars of Eternity, not the BG2 Enhanced Edition, not even...
  2. crazyrabbits23

    What are you listening to?

    I know what we need. OGs remember the first couple years of Metric -- the wonderfully-insane, glorious ramblings and non-sequitors of Emily Haines, in the weirdest venues you could think of -- a CBC show that aired at 12:30 a.m. (Zed), as a guest vocalist on other bands' records (or just...
  3. crazyrabbits23

    DC Comics' spiral downward

    I've been out of DC for a long time now -- I was heavy into comics a decade or so back, but the spiralling craziness of trying to collect author runs (the last one I bothered to try and complete was Bendis' run on Daredevil), the multitude of titles and the constant resets/reboots turned me off...
  4. crazyrabbits23

    FFVII Remake: Intergrade Yuffie DLC Announced

    "Before that though, we should probably explain something: who is Yuffie?"
  5. crazyrabbits23

    Mass Effect Series

    EGM. YES. Also get the Ark Mod -- you won't regret it.
  6. crazyrabbits23

    What are you listening to?

    In the case of the second video, the lead singer just passed away from Parkinson's a few days ago -- and this HD version of the video was FINALLY released a month ago. One of my favorite Canadian New Wave tracks. Nah, it's even better! BTW, there's a sequel.
  7. crazyrabbits23

    Mass Effect Series

    You really should play the Priority Earth Overhaul Mod. (There's also a "competing" mod called Take Earth Back, but IMO, it adds in way too much busyness for a finale that's explicitly supposed to be bleak and desolate, like tons of different allied units.). The 1.0 version adds back all the cut...
  8. crazyrabbits23

    Hidden & Unused in Video Games

    I'm still waiting for the supposed press build/demo of the original Deus Ex, from three-to-six months prior to the game's launch, to be released online.
  9. crazyrabbits23

    Final Fantasy VII Remake, One Year Later

    still sitting in my room day after day hoping waiting steam mods next-gen experience full optimization for high-end cards it's all right there waiting for us
  10. crazyrabbits23

    Last Film You've Seen

    Finally getting around to rewatching some of the 90s Tom Clancy films -- I'm working on a project for TVTropes (trying to build the character pages for all three films), and had to go back and check on some moments and scenes to get some more clarity, particularly in the case of Hunt for Red...
  11. crazyrabbits23

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Sounds like a desperation move. CDPR made their bones on "AAA, big-budget, single-player experiences" -- they were seen as the antidote to the kind of crap being peddled by companies like EA and Activision. If they're saying this, they've probably already had an earful from investors and...
  12. crazyrabbits23

    Super Mario Series Thread

    SMW is where it's at, and always will be at. fight ME
  13. crazyrabbits23

    TLS Virtual Big Meet Up

    Most likely 7 pm my time -- should be good.
  14. crazyrabbits23

    Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge's Roles in the Remake Thread

    Who do you pick 1,000-plus ghostly whispers who need to correct the timeline or one spicy cat boy
  15. crazyrabbits23

    Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge's Roles in the Remake Thread

    I won't scatter your sorrow cats to the heartless sea....
  16. crazyrabbits23

    Man of Steel / Justice League / DC films

    Yeah, saw that -- but Crave is still in its relative infancy, so any major showing at this point is a win. Watched parts of the film again earlier this week -- it's downright criminal how badly Whedon screwed up parts of the film. Literally changing Flash's role in the climax from "save the...
  17. crazyrabbits23

    TLS Virtual Big Meet Up

    I could make that - let me know timing.
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