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  1. crack

    Can someone change my username?

    crack please
  2. crack

    Happy Birthday Tets!

    happy (late) birthday!
  3. crack

    Happy Birthday Meimei!!!

    happy birthday :monster:
  4. crack

    Happy Boithday Pixel!

    happy (late) birthday!! :monster:
  5. crack

    Happy Birthday Ghost X!

    happy birthday! :monster:
  6. crack

    Happy Birthday Audrey

    thanks everyone, appreciate it. :monster: <3
  7. crack

    Can someone change my username?

    Annie Edison pls
  8. crack


    happy birthday : )
  9. crack


    happy birthday! :monster:
  10. crack

    Happy Birthday Konneh//Vegeta!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KONEY. /sits I WON'T REVIVE YOU. but seriously, every chance we get to talk you remind me yet again why you need to STOP LURKING. :monster: ilu <3
  11. crack

    Hi everyone :)

    welcome :monster:
  12. crack


    welcome! :monster:
  13. crack

    Happy Birthday, Tiff!

    FUCK i was going to do this. :( happy birthday, tiff. <3 i love you loads and don't feel too bad about turning old. :awesome:
  14. crack

    Happy birthday, Force!

    happy birthday mou hitori no boku! : )
  15. crack

    Happy Birthday Tenny!!

    happy birthday tenny! : )
  16. crack

    so uhm, probably going to be on a really long hiatus

    derp, i didn't notice this until now because you changed your username. but i'm so sorry to hear about that mira, and i really hope everything works out. take care of yourself. : (
  17. crack

    Disappointed in Mod Response

    if she is a troll: whether this had been private or public, she would have gotten what she's asking for anyway. :P which is an incited response, attention. the only real difference between this being public and private is the number of people expressing their disdain towards her behavior. buuuut...
  18. crack

    Happy Birthday Splintered!

    happy birthday! you make awesome graphics.
  19. crack

    Disappointed in Mod Response

    no one would have had to been involved in such a huge, personal capacity if anything had actually been done in the first place. yoshi has been harassing tiff for months. the mods told tiff and yoshi to ignore each other, but i don't know how great of a solution that is when yoshi is constantly...
  20. crack

    Can someone change my username?

    You're not my supervisor!
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