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  1. Neo Bahamut

    I'm Back

    If you have something to say, go right ahead.
  2. Neo Bahamut

    Thoughts on Continuing FFVI?

    Final Fantasy VI has never been particularly close to my heart. I don't dislike the game, but it was never one of my favorites. However, I do believe there is a lot of untapped storyline potential, & that if Square ever wanted to do a 3rd thing like the Compilation or the Ivalice Alliance, they...
  3. Neo Bahamut

    Sephiroth's Motivations

    I had an--argument--that piqued my interest in peoples' opinions on a certain matter: Sephiroth manipulates Cloud in order to get revenge on the latter because of the former's defeat at Nibelheim. HOWEVER... Was this the case in the original game, or is this character derailment as a...
  4. Neo Bahamut

    Final Fantasy I

    FF1 was being discussed a lot towards the end of my "Alternate Plot Interpretation" thread in the Dissidia section (at least it appears to be dead), & I thought I'd separate it out into another topic. Now, I know there's not really "much" of a story to FF1, but I'm interested in what is there...
  5. Neo Bahamut

    Forgotten City Question

    Why does Aerith go alone? That hit me one day & it bothered the crap out of me. It was practically asking to be killed, provided she knew or at least expected Sephiroth to come after her. I'm wondering if there was actually a good reason to do that, something that sets up the scene without...
  6. Neo Bahamut

    Questions About Zirconaide & Jade WEAPON

    So, I'm curious about the final/super bosses, but there isn't a lot of information on them. 1. Would anyone happen to have an image of Zirconaide where you can actually make out what it looks like? 2. So, this thing was summoned in Midgar & destroyed a sector, right? 3. And Jade was...
  7. Neo Bahamut

    Jenova Cells Can't be "Erased"

    While I’m back here, I thought I’d argue against another fan theory that chafes on my ass. Namely, the idea that “Cloud doesn’t have Jenova cells anymore.” This does not make sense from any angle you examine it from. To prove that: /_1=Let’s consider the...
  8. Neo Bahamut

    Alternate Plot Interpretation

    Title sucks, but to understand the basis, you pretty much have to read this: It's an FAQ I made for Dissidia's plot, feeling that the one here was inadequate. No offense. Now, there are a few basic premises...
  9. Neo Bahamut


    I'm back. Before anyone gets too excited--or dismayed--I expect this to be a temporary visit. I'm primarily here to debate a dispute from the Dissidia Plot Analysis FAQ. If you don't remember me, you can just continue on your merry way.
  10. Neo Bahamut

    Screw You Guys, I'm Goin' Home....

    /obligatory South Park reference/warning: the following is very TL;DR: So, as I’ve announced numerous times, I’m leaving. Some of you might ask “why”? Well, I’m sure it will be attributed to any number of unsavory accusations, most—if not all—boiling...
  11. Neo Bahamut

    Test Forum

    Title says it all, really. A forum where people can test any updates they might have done to their posting format, or whatever it's called. Things like avatars, signatures, fonts, etc. I'm not noticing anything like this, so I guess this is a suggestion, as of right now.
  12. Neo Bahamut

    Blood Types

    So, I was watching Shippuden (save it, I've already heard the "Ninja Soap Opera" criticism), & Orochimaru randomly asked Kabuto his blood type. Whoever was doing the subtitling obviously knew I'd WTF at this, because they put in parentheses that, in Japan, blood types are like horoscopes. I...
  13. Neo Bahamut

    What About Shameless Advertising?

    Like plugging a link in a sig & going, "this is what this site is about, check it out?" I didn't see anything in the rules (that I barely read) about it, so I thought I'd ask here whether or not it was considered undesirable or blatantly against the rules, before proceeding to make an ass out...
  14. Neo Bahamut

    Ivalice Alliance/the Final Fantasy Tactics Page

    Two topic ideas for the price of one. Cuts down on superfluous posting. Okay, here's my deal with Ivalice Alliance: It contains the XII games, the Tactics Advanced games, Tactics, & some other shit I don't remember. Why does it never get targeted for bitching like the Compilation? It has...
  15. Neo Bahamut


    For no particular reason other than boredom, I've decided to make a thread dedicated to listing symbolism throughout the compilation. Here's something I found particularly interesting: It's thought that "Safer Sephiroth" is supposed to be "Sepher Sephiroth." Sepher, meaning "numbers," would...
  16. Neo Bahamut

    Turbulence of FFVII

    Turbulence of Final Fantasy VII is an extra I'm looking for, from the Advent Children Complete disc. The only version I've found so far is on YouTube, but it's in Japanese, with no English subtitles. Can anyone help me? Maybe they have the disc, & can transfer the video to YouTube, or...
  17. Neo Bahamut

    Blood Transfusions

    Alright, this has been bothering the Hell out of me: Early in the game, during a flashback, Hollander tells Sephiroth that he can't give Genesis his blood, because they're "incompatible." After Genesis threatens to kill him, suddenly, the Jenova cells are the only known way to stop the...
  18. Neo Bahamut

    Ack! I've Been Summoned!

    [/bad joke] 'Kay. So, here's how this works: After using this place so long for translations, & generally being a massive FFVII/Compilation nerd, I figured I was damn near obligated to join. You might know me as Neo Bahamut from a few other places (unlikely), Lithp from Fundies Say the...
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