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  1. lithiumkatana17

    Play Arts Kai - PROJECT! Final Fantasy

    I'm gonna need, like, 10 of Rufus. For science. :monster:
  2. lithiumkatana17

    Death Stranding -A Hideo Kojima Game-

    Dude I'm so excited. I loved Death Stranding as a whole. Such a unique game experience.
  3. lithiumkatana17

    Mass Effect Series

    Bout 40-50 hours into Mass Effect, and according to one of the trophies I got, have completed the majority of the game. :monster: Won't be able to play any tonight because I have to drive down to Florida tomorrow, so I gotta pack and clean... As far as major quests go, I think I have just...
  4. lithiumkatana17

    Mass Effect Series

    Whelp. Bought the legendary edition yesterday for PS4. It's installing right now. This will be my first time diving into Mass Effect. I get the feeling it will be like diving into a black hole from which there is no escape. :monster:
  5. lithiumkatana17

    Which guys from the remake you find most attractive?

    I mean... I'd totally pay for it :wackymonster:
  6. lithiumkatana17

    Remake Merchandise (Unofficial/Unlicensed)

    Sweet mother of god, why is her leg so uncomfortably straight :closedmonster: Why can't she be posed like Nicki Minaj in Superbass :okay:
  7. lithiumkatana17

    Sonon Kusakabe background

    Looking at Sonon's art and trying to figure out of those are the edge of his trousers or some gnarly tube socks. :closedmonster:
  8. lithiumkatana17

    Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge's Roles in the Remake Thread

    Maaaaaan, I'm sure glad y'all couldn't hear my obnoxiously howling like a damn hyena while scrolling the latest pages of this thread, it probably would've made yours ears bleed. This rabbit hole truly knows no bounds. Also that waifu reddit is perturbing on so many levels. I may not be the most...
  9. lithiumkatana17

    Remake Merchandise

    Oh god, I NEED that Tifa music box :aah:
  10. lithiumkatana17

    FFVIIR Original Soundtrack

    I just want the official track with the remix of Tifa's theme after the plate fall. One of the best tracks in the game IMO. Really heightened the emotions I was already feeling during those scenes.
  11. lithiumkatana17

    Remake Merchandise

    I wish you didn't tell me this. :rclosedmonster:
  12. lithiumkatana17

    What games are you currently playing?

    Currently playing Control from Remedy Studios on PS4. I'm loving it so far. It's unique, combat is easy but stylish and you can fight enemies using any number of combos with the cool powers you get.
  13. lithiumkatana17


    But I liked the music in Death Stranding :'( Really though, the music in DMC5 was phenomenal. I'm still buttsore from the 2018 awards where Far Cry 5 didn't even get a nomination in the music category. I have all of the albums made for the game; Ubisoft and the composer Dan Romer went all out...
  14. lithiumkatana17

    Death Stranding -A Hideo Kojima Game-

    I'm in the process of doing just that. :monster: Started it back in... June, I think? Played it heavily for a few months before I stopped gaming for a while. Been working from home since March, and the isolation had just kinda sapped my will to play for a bit.
  15. lithiumkatana17

    Remake Merchandise

    I have a super chonky Clefairy plushy that could double as his mog steed for the time being. :lol:
  16. lithiumkatana17


    I tuned in to the game award nominee announcements and the remake has been nominated in a whopping 6 categories! Best Art Direction Best Music Best Narrative Best RPG Best Game Direction Game of the Year
  17. lithiumkatana17

    Remake Merchandise
  18. lithiumkatana17

    Remake Merchandise

    Got my Cait Sith plush in today (that I forgot I ordered) and I couldn't be happier. I love this little guy. :joy:
  19. lithiumkatana17

    Horizon Zero Dawn

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