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  1. Kikyou

    so uhm, probably going to be on a really long hiatus

    Normally this wouldn't be such a big deal, since I'm always making a few posts and disappearing quietly into the background to lurk around the forums like a ninja whore. But this time I'm going to have to be away for a longer and indefinite time. Thanks to some Basically: Today is my last...
  2. Kikyou

    Happy Birthday Ravynne!

  3. Kikyou

    The Secret World of Arrietty

    Vp2nb9Vq0yY Heard it did pretty good over in Japan. Anyone else planning on watching this movie?
  4. Kikyou

    Happy Birthday to me~

    91 years old, whooo! If no one is making a thread, then I might as well do it for myself. And now I bet all of you are gonna be like, "Who the fuck is that?" ... I have no excuses.
  5. Kikyou

    New Rurouni Kenshin Anime Has Been Green Lit If they don't fuck this up, I will be a happy camper. The ending to the original anime was retarded and I've always wanted to see the Jinchuu arc get animated (Reflection doesn't count).
  6. Kikyou

    Gotta love Bollywood. The song is pretty catchy too.
  7. Kikyou

    Muse and Twilight

    I was skimming through a few Muse videos on youtube and read some comments. People were complaining that a certain song is ruined now because of the Twilight movie. But is it that big of a deal? Something like vampire baseball game wouldn't change the composition or the lyrics. I mean, I find...
  8. Kikyou

    Weekly Versus

    So, for week one... who would win: A kid in giant yellow shoes with a wooden stick picked up off a beach or a Big Bad one winged angel and a long ass sword? Fight takes place on top of a gummi ship headed to Atlantica. There are no pedestrians. Discuss.
  9. Kikyou


    Oh hai thar, TLS. My name is M-Mira but you can call me Mira. I'm that mook who lurks around forums and usually never posts anything meaningful. Nice to meet you all. A/S/L???
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