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  1. JechtShotMK9

    Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Series (Mobile/Steam)

    I just can't justify paying for I and II while I have the PSP versions, and I refuse to shell out $20 for a 25 year old game in III, as much as I love it. I already have the GBA versions of V and VI, and the PSP IV collection. Is there any real reason for me to buy these?
  2. JechtShotMK9


    I finished Nier Automata the other day, and spent about an hour staring blankly at the wall, debating whether to say yes or no to the final question in the game. Did it. Great game, never played a JRPG with such good player-story integration before. FFXIV hooked me, and Automata pulled me...
  3. JechtShotMK9

    The Final Fantasy XIV Thread [Endwalker - 6.0]

    I loved it, haven't done a patch day blind run since 3.2 or so. Nier raid was a blast! I even got the Kaine/FF music from my first run.
  4. JechtShotMK9

    Kingdom Hearts III

    Something something DLC trailer in December. Queue lamenting that the DLC is not happening or that it's being delayed for years. You all know it's coming.
  5. JechtShotMK9

    The Witcher Netflix Series

    I'll watch it :)
  6. JechtShotMK9

    Remixes of Final Fantasy Music in Final Fantasy XIV

    There's the second Eternal Wind remix in the Shadowbringers theme, and the Heavensward Prelude remix, A Cold Wind. And while I can't remember the title at the moment, the Keeper of the Lake music is a really kickass remix of the Mor Dhona theme that I have a huge soft spot for.
  7. JechtShotMK9

    The Final Fantasy XIV Thread [Endwalker - 6.0]

    This game has THE BEST music. Also, Alexander Ultimate is GobbieBoomAwesomeSmash
  8. JechtShotMK9

    Pokémon General Thread

    Skip Diamond and Pearl, and just play Platinum. It's got a ton of QoL fixes that make it much better. B/W are okay, same with the sequels.
  9. JechtShotMK9

    Sephiroth, Part 2

  10. JechtShotMK9

    Kingdom Hearts III

    "Hey Squeenix, it'd be nice if you could hurry up and release the soundtrack already, k thanks, bye."
  11. JechtShotMK9

    Cyberpunk 2077

    One of the Saint's Rows, 2, I believe, had a sliding gender option. Only example I can think of.
  12. JechtShotMK9

    Remake Interviews: Catch-all Thread

    I feel like the standard response to this and other similar questions is "FFXIV did it"
  13. JechtShotMK9

    Metroid Series

    22:13 made it for me.
  14. JechtShotMK9

    New Dissidia Arcade Game (NT)

    So, how is Zenos in this? Been thinking about trying NT out again after burning myself out last year, but I want a new main.
  15. JechtShotMK9

    Gamespot Coverage

    I'm fine with Midgar, but I really hope they change up the ending a bit. The c escape is fine, but I really don't want the final boss to be....the Motor Ball.
  16. JechtShotMK9

    Guessing Game: When will we get the remake?

    Because you put yours up after bets were closed. You were too late.
  17. JechtShotMK9

    Tifa's Appearance in the Remake and Why It Should (or Shouldn't) Matter.

    I guess I just prefer the cartoony look. I'll carry the torch for KH Tifa, then!
  18. JechtShotMK9

    Kingdom Hearts III

    Does it do the KH2 thing and increase your damage output? Because that would be great.
  19. JechtShotMK9

    Kingdom Hearts III

    So, can someone tell me what Critical Mode actually does in this game? Every search result I get just sends me to the patch notes, which just say "critical mode added, new abilities unlocked." Kind of useless.
  20. JechtShotMK9

    Guessing Game: When will we get the remake?

    March 26, 2020. You saw it here first, people.
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