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  1. sheens

    I feel like I should make one of these.

    Coming back for nostalgia sake. You all know me, or you should. I'm Sheena. The small, Irish one. Sup?
  2. sheens

    I guess I'm cereally back.

    I know I made a "Hello I'm back" post awhile ago, then I never really did come back, but it is time. So gimme the goss. Who is still alive? Who is dead? Who do I know? Who don't I know? Also, hi.
  3. sheens

    I know some of us might not get along.

    But I'm gonna increase my activity here, I thought I'd make a thread to warn you all in advance. :B It has pretty much been cleared up mostly though, due to maturity and the like. Hi, I'm Sheens.
  4. sheens

    Hello there.

    Yes, It's me Sheena, was kindly directed this way by kindly people. I'm the Sheens you all know and love. : )
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