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  1. Soakette

    Happy Birthday Cthulhu!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOP! May you and your dikke lul have a wonderul day together :P
  2. Soakette

    Happy Birthday Kassi!

    Happy Birthday Kassi!!!!!!! Happy Birthday to one of most amazing person I am privileged to have in my life. I love so much bestie <3 Hope you have an awesome day!
  3. Soakette

    Chocobo Breeding help! Please!

    Okay, I need serious help! I have a male and female great chocobos Class A and B, but I can't get their speed up! They have max intelligence and around 400 something stamina each. The problem is I can't get their speed up. I have tried every green and it only will continue to raise stamina and...
  4. Soakette

    Ps Vita or 3000?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question/thread but I was wondering which psp i should buy.. the ps vita or 3000? And I wanted your opinions because I just can't decide! There are pros and cons to both of them. The ps 3000 is a lot cheaper and it has a lot of umd games I would buy for it there are some...
  5. Soakette


    Hey! Long time lurker, First time poster! Thought I'd sign up and give it a go lol Happy New Year Everyone. May it be safe, happy, and healthy. ^_^
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