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  1. Dashell

    New trailer at last!

    April Fools... i have no life :closedmonster:
  2. Dashell

    Is it possible to be banned from a thread?

    so I'm not tempted to look at it? :monster:
  3. Dashell

    I made some emotes

    So I'm on twitch a lot and a lot of twitch streamers have custom emotes. I decided to try my hand at these... it took a LOOONG time to get the hang of it but I think I'm getting it down now. I'm still experimenting with different shading styles and what not, but I wanted to show some of them...
  4. Dashell

    Marluxia's true self revealed (spoilers, DUH)

    Presenting Lauriam: I guess he killed.. someone, a girl who was supposed to be the 5th leader of.. maybe the dandelions? and... I don't follow Union X so I don't know what's going on but I know he killed someone who was well loved... sounds a lot like his somebody self... but can he wield a...
  5. Dashell

    Possible Animaniacs Reboot I'm not sure how I fee about this... Animaniacs was a very creative show and I'd love more Pinky and the Brain... but with how politically correct everything is these days... I wouldn't be surprised if a lot...
  6. Dashell

    How many of you knew this?

    How many of you knew, that in Kingdom Hearts 1, you could cast blizzard on the bubbles in the Hallow Bastion level to freeze which you could then use as platforms and even get some treasures? eRW43cBF9mI Someone posted a video of this online and everyone is freaking out because they didn't...
  7. Dashell

    Funny KH Videos

    So there's this program called MMD, or MikuMikuDance which is some kind of free program to make small anime like videos or something (idk I never used it :monster: ) and people have made a lot of KH models for it which have resulted in some awesome videos. Most have really crappy animation but...
  8. Dashell

    Happy Birthday to Ryushikaze!

    Haven't seen you around as much, but I hope you're having a good one :D
  9. Dashell

    Has anyone else here not beat Lingering Will?

    I'm just curious if I'm the only one who can't beat him... you know the legit way, not the cheese strat :awesome: People say he's a really good boss and it's good design but I don't understand how a boss where if you get hit by one move of his combo reduces you to one HP every single time is...
  10. Dashell

    I'm just gonna leave this here

    I don't know where else to put it: I loled
  11. Dashell

    Colored Storyboards from canceled Kingdom Hearts TV pilot

    From the director: Here's a couple: and And more here: This is really neat... they canceled this because I guess Square and Disney wanted to make other games first or something... I'm not...
  12. Dashell

    New video of Sora and his mom

    So this is something that's kind of nice that I came across. Remember how Sora's mom had that ONE LINE in the first game and we never heard from her again?... A lot of people have wondered how she reacted to seeing him again and they actually released this little clip to show us. I think it's...
  13. Dashell

    KH Pop Figures coming but don't get excited The only ones releasing are Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Chip, Dale and Pete... yes pete :huh: No Sora Riku or Kairi for some reason... welp, now you guys know how I feel when there...
  14. Dashell

    Kingdom Hearts Manga available digitally now Yeah that's all of them. Good deal.. .I don't know if they're in English or not yet...if they are I'll probably buy the Days one just because of those hilarious parts like Demyx thinking Roxas is asking him...
  15. Dashell

    Final Boss with Vanitas help please

    Okay so I started my first BBS playthough... was really enjoying it until I got to this fight... (Ven's story, idk if he's in the other stories or not, I'd assume so... ) not only have I hit "continue" instead of "retry" EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME CAUSE IM USED TO IT AND HAVE TO DO THE PREVIOUS...
  16. Dashell

    KH 358/2 Days fan HD remake

    idk who either of these people working on it are, but without knowing them I bet they'll either drop it due to being too much work OR they'll get a cease and desist by Square :monster: But if they finish it... HELLO :awesome: 0MLI51eaIsI
  17. Dashell

    Who should defeat Xehanort?

    Basically what the topic title says, who should be the one to do it? I mean I know it's Sora's story but I feel like other characters sorta have more of a history with him who should be the one to take him out. EDIT oh wait I should have done Ventus instead of Ansem.. oh well whatever, share...
  18. Dashell

    Some random KH III questions that have been in my head for a while

    I'll go ahead and post this here even though I get the feeling it won't get many if any responses :nah: So some things I've been thinking of... 1. Should we see Demyx/Larxene/Marluxia/Luxord again?... as their somebodies? Personally I feel like it'd be in Square's best interest to do...
  19. Dashell

    Please help me with 2.5, I don't want to have to go to a KH forum

    Can someone please help me with something in 2.5? This is something I really don't get. I know there's a 2.5 topic but no one reads it and I don't want to have to sign up to a KH forum to get the answer when someone here might have it. Im having a lot of problems with the dreaded Mushroom 8...
  20. Dashell

    PS3 freezing question

    I know a better place to post this would be a PlayStation forum or something, but I don't feel like signing up on another forum so I'm going to ask here :awesome: Okay so I bought a PS3 from a friend at work. It runs fine and I made it through Kingdom Hearts 1.5 just fine... the problem...
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