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  1. Ravynne Nevyrmore

    HELP. Japanese cutscenes from Dirge of Cerberus?? (alternate title is me screaming really loud)

    UGH GUYS WHY. SO in Episode #465435 of Why I Hate the Internet, I just discovered that the YouTube video I had been using (yes, that’s an ongoing action verb, and yes I realize I haven’t worked on the project in 11 months) for this translation project has been made “private” so that, presumably...
  2. Ravynne Nevyrmore

    Veld's last name?

    I've seen a few people refer to him as "Veld Dragoon" but am unsure of whether that is a canon or fanon surname. Can anyone cite this from canon (ideally with screen caps)? Thanks!
  3. Ravynne Nevyrmore

    Rumor of creators saying Vincent and Lucrecia's relationship was sexual?

    Hey guys. So before you go "Oh jfc there's Ravynne going on about her VinLu delusions again," let me state that I am on the skeptical side of this but wanted to confirm. So I recently read this in someone's character bio on a Vincent Valentine RP blog on Tumblr: Needless to say I raised an...
  4. Ravynne Nevyrmore

    Shinra Mansion

    Do we ever find out why this building even exists? I mean, originally? It looks older than the company itself. Furthermore, why were the Jenova Project peeps put up in the inn instead of here? It's odd enough even if the building was already there, owned by Shinra, its basement lab utilized...
  5. Ravynne Nevyrmore

    Final Fantasy VII Honest Game Trailer

    I just came across this on YouTube. Looks like it was posted a few months ago but I don't see any other posts about it on TLS. Check it out, it's pretty funny xD :
  6. Ravynne Nevyrmore

    Why is everyone "sinning"?

    This is something that was kind of brought to my attention by someone's comment on my doujinshi, in which Lucrecia asks Vincent the same "Can sins such as these ever be forgiven?" line as Cloud does in Advent Children. This reader thought it was odd that Lucrecia would speak the same line as...
  7. Ravynne Nevyrmore

    Ravynne's New Fan Art Thread

    Starting a new one because the old one was super old. General info about where to find me and my fan works around the interwebz: tumblr: Ravynne Nevyrmore deviantART: RavynneNevyrmore on deviantART FanFiction.Net: RavynneNevyrmore - FanFiction.Net AO3: Ravynne Nevyrmore SmackJeeves...
  8. Ravynne Nevyrmore

    Before Crisis Script? Not sure if anyone else has noticed, but the external links to DA's Gunshot Romance, where TLS refers to for the BC script many times, are broken because apparently the website is "frozen." Do we have a copy of this script and the permission to host it...
  9. Ravynne Nevyrmore


    I found this screen cap in my old files from when I worked on the original graphics for this site and thought I would share: First poast! :faint: We were so itty bitty witty... Also, if anyone has ever wondered about the weird cutoff-ness of the "narrow" forum skins, this is more or less...
  10. Ravynne Nevyrmore

    Redemption: A Final Fantasy VII doujinshi

    Yo. Those of you who have been here forever probably remember me and possibly Redemption, but hell if I can keep track of anyone with all the name changing up in this place. :monster: Either way, I've recently graduated from college and have returned to my long-shelved doujinshi, Redemption...
  11. Ravynne Nevyrmore

    Dirge of Cerberus: Lost Episode translations by Souya

    Hey guys, Someone recently brought to my attention that I never finished uploading Souya's LE translations when I was a staff member here and apparently no one else has ever uploaded them to the web ever? Weird to imagine (and I feel like I alone have dropped the ball for the entire...
  12. Ravynne Nevyrmore


    My birthday was today (the 5th), but no one cared. A "Happy Birthday" would have been nice, but whatever. And also, I think I will be removing TLS from my bookmarks and whatnot for reasons I have mentioned before. This community has gone to shit, etc. I've uploaded the rest of Souya's DoC...
  13. Ravynne Nevyrmore

    new Lucrecia fansite. :B

    [ I Love Luci ] + crimson shroud : raven's haven + It's still mostly under construction, but I really wanted to get it officially up on this date, because guess what today is? Lucrecia's birthday, lolz. :geek: Anyway, if anyone wants to leave me feedback on the unfinished parts or discuss...
  14. Ravynne Nevyrmore

    How aware was Lucrecia?

    We all know that Lucrecia appears eleventy bajillion times in Vincent's story. Some of these are simply flashbacks, some are hallucinations, some are dreams, one is a recording, and then there's the one "true" appearance she makes in the last scene when Vincent talks to her and she sheds a tear...
  15. Ravynne Nevyrmore

    Case of Nanaki

    This really isn't worth a forum thread, but no one answered the question in my comment on the translation itself. This spans the two years between FF7 and AC, right?
  16. Ravynne Nevyrmore

    TLS chat room? :monster:

    Many forums have an accompanying chat room where members can chill and discuss random crap and whatnot. I was thinking maybe if we had one it would give members a place to just shoot the shit without having to worry about sticking to a topic or not being spammy, since a chat room is essentially...
  17. Ravynne Nevyrmore

    "Latest Posts" bit

    Is there any way to make the "Latest Posts" list at the bottom of the forums on the main page exclude posts made in the General Fuckery forum? I like to use that to stay on top of relavent threads while I'm browsing the forums, and since the GF forum was created it's almost completely dominated...
  18. Ravynne Nevyrmore

    FF7 Father's Day Fan Art Project

    As copy/pasted from my deviantART journal with minor adjustments because I r too lazy to write it again. FF7 Father's Day Fan Art Project The second half of our FF7 Mother's Day / Father's Day Fan Art Project is underway! Namely, the Father's Day part. Father's Day is on June 21, 2009...
  19. Ravynne Nevyrmore

    ShinRa and the octagon: a serious fetish.

    So in the course of doing two separate pieces of fan art that feature actual locations from two different parts of the compilation, I've concluded that ShinRa, Inc. has a serious fetish with octagons. I'm currently working on a piece that displays the SOLDIER training room from Crisis Core. I...
  20. Ravynne Nevyrmore

    PSP & screen capping

    Does anyone know how it's possible to get a screen capture of a PSP image? >.> Is there equipment to hook it up to your computer or what?
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