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  1. lithiumkatana17

    Remake Merchandise (Unofficial/Unlicensed)

    Been wanting to make this thread for a while now, but because procrastination... yeah. :closedmonster: Since we are seeing an uptick of Remake/FFVII merch, I'd like to designate this thread for all the unofficial and unlicensed merch, to include the crazy awesome statues, stuff you may find on...
  2. lithiumkatana17

    Dragon Age 4

    Even though the game's a few years off, may as well make this thread now and leave this here. :monster: L1MfxRR2ebo
  3. lithiumkatana17

    TLS Sekrit Santa 2018

    Alright kiddies, it's that time of year once again. 2 days after Halloween and it's time to start thinking about Christmas! I heard a Christmas song today while I was out buying myself an electric blanket (bestinventioneverwhydidiwaitsolong) and wanted to pour acid into my ears. UGH. And yes...
  4. lithiumkatana17

    Panel Ideas for Future Events

    Hey guys! I'm diving head first into my new role here on TLS and it's going to start with this thread. Our panel at EXPCon (where we discussed the lore of FF's XV and VII, along with fan theories surrounding both) this weekend was a surprising success, despite the last minute preparations and...
  5. lithiumkatana17

    TLS Sekrit Santa 2017

    As it is now the 2nd of November, at least here in Georgia, and I figured it was time to get this years’ TLS Sekrit Santa underway!! To those who are new: THIS IS OPTIONAL. If you don’t want to sign up, or feel you cannot afford to, do NOT feel bad. Seriously. DA RULEZ: make a...
  6. lithiumkatana17

    Edge 314 - Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Edition
  7. lithiumkatana17

    Dark Horse Final Fantasy Ultimania Archive

    Article taken straight from A long time coming to be sure, but these will definitely have a home in my game room when they're released!
  8. lithiumkatana17

    Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice [PS4, Xbox One, PC]

    A little surprised no one has made a thread for this game yet. nfiS_PV3V-4 Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice was developed by Ninja Theory by a small team of only 20 people. It's a mid-sized game, with about 8-10 hours of gameplay, so it's only being sold at half the price of regular game. Set...
  9. lithiumkatana17

    Lith's attempts at greatness

    At Flare's encouragement I will be posting my stuff here (mostly my creations as a budding gif maker!) until I can finally be arsed to finish some AMVs. So, here is my very first gif set! Pardon the dark tone of it, I hope it doesn't upset anyone. I've been wanting to use this quote from Cersei...
  10. lithiumkatana17

    Watchmen TV Series [HBO]

    I'm surprised no one has posted this here yet. :monstersmash: Watchmen is officially hitting the silver screen at HBO. Damon Lindelof (The Leftovers, LOST) will be at the helm of the project. It will be a reboot, and not a continuation of Zack Snyder's film (which I'm sure will make Tres...
  11. lithiumkatana17

    Marvel's Inhumans

    I didn't see a thread for this, so here we go! Not exactly psyched this is being made into a TV show for ABC rather than a movie, but I'll take what I can get. __________________________________________________ Anyway, I'm making this thread because I also come bearing casting news and...
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARLIE!!!!!!!!! :reptar: :megusta: (My god, we have a lot of September babies here on TLS!)
  13. lithiumkatana17

    The Wicked + The Divine [image]

    Summary on Image Comics website: Summary on the back of the graphic novels: From Wikipedia (which gives you a better idea of the overall plot): Discovered this series in the bookstore and it's always caught my eye, mostly because of the title and the color cover art. Finally grabbed the...
  14. lithiumkatana17

    Final Fantasy Cosplay Directory

    This thread is intended to serve as a directory of sorts for Final Fantasy cosplayers on TLS, no matter if you’re seasoned or just trying to plan your first one. It will include everything from wigs, costume patterns, types of fabric, shops were you can get buy accessories, weapons, or...
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  16. lithiumkatana17

    Tomb Raider [film reboot]

    Whelp, it's official: Our new Tomb Raider has been cast. After months of speculation that Daisy Ridley was going to be in the role, Oscar winner Alicia Vikander, most notable for roles in Ex Machina and The Danish Girl, is set to play Lara Croft in the rebooted movie franchise...
  17. lithiumkatana17

    Hello again!

    Hello everyone! I'm going to describe myself as both an old and new member... I joined years ago back in 2009 right after this website came alive, rebooting itself from what used to be Advent Children, I think... I sort of fell off the scene because most of the friends I had made...
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