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  1. Tennyo

    TLS Podcast Planning

    New thread for the OG TLS podcast. Looking to record sometime this week if enough people are interested. Tuesday (tomorrow) is an option, as is potentially Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I'll be available in the mornings, which for Euro peeps is the afternoon/evening. Potential Topics to...
  2. Tennyo

    Sony is now making a Silk movie.

    I mean, I guess it's cool, but I can't help but feel like Sony is doing too much... Maybe we just need one mega thread for all the Sony Spider-Man spin-offs. :monster:
  3. Tennyo

    TLS Instagram: Call for Content

    Hello, everyone! TLS now has an Instagram account! If you have any FF related images you would be okay with having posted, whether that be art, photography, or screenshots from games, please let me know either in this thread or via PM, and also post...
  4. Tennyo

    She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

    She-Ra reboot coming to Netflix aaaaahhhhh yisssssssss Considering how well of a job Dreamworks did wit Voltron I am quite hyped. (mods can someone please fix the title I got it wrong)
  5. Tennyo

    The Lifestream Podcast - Special Mini-sode

    It's a special kick-off mini episode of The Lifestream Podcast in which Carlie and Tennyo discuss some of their highlights for 2017 as well as their predictions for 2018. Email us at, comment on our YouTube upload of this episode (coming soon), post on this thread or...
  6. Tennyo

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

    So Sony Pictures just dropped the first trailer for their animated Miles Morales movie. And it looks REALLY GOOD ii3n7hYQOl4
  7. Tennyo

    Polygon to Publish Oral History if Final Fantasy VII

    I wasn't sure where was the best place to put this, but this project sounds awesome and us up on Kickstarter. Click here I kind of want one...
  8. Tennyo

    Carly's Thread of Pizza & Lesbians (& Claudia Black)

    As promised. Happy Birthday! :monster:
  9. Tennyo

    Henley Appreciation Thread

    Because Henleys are sexy.
  10. Tennyo

    Distant Worlds NJ

    Okay, the whole point of me asking for this section was to make this thread. :monster: Who is going to Distant Worlds over Kupocon weekend in New Jersey? Who has already bought their ticket? Who has not already bought their ticket? Where are you sitting? Where would you like to sit? It...
  11. Tennyo

    Suggestion: Special forum section for Kupocon and/or general TLS meetup planning

    A section or sub-section for people to plan both of the Kupocons plus NJ Distant Worlds. Or maybe just for organizing meetups in general? This way it isn't all lost to the nether of General Discussion. y/y or n/n?
  12. Tennyo

    I'm Going to Los Angeles!

    I'm going to be in LA until Monday afternoon. :reptar: I probably won't be posting much so message me on Facebook or text me if you have my number. :monster:
  13. Tennyo

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a great one, dude!!!!
  14. Tennyo

    Happy Birthday The Mad King/Noctis

    Have a happy one!!!! EDIT: Can someone please fix my typo in the title?
  15. Tennyo

    Happy Birthday Masamune!!!!

    Hey hey hey! It's your day!!!
  16. Tennyo


    You were complaining about being an old man on FB so I'm assuming it's your brithday? :monster: Have a happy one!!!
  17. Tennyo

    Happy Birthday Suzaku!!!!

    Have a happy one! :monster:
  18. Tennyo

    Lindsey Stirling FF Medley

    This is worth a watch. It has more than just FFVII but it's definitely more FFVII than any other. nuC-nIdz_pc Ignore the awkward Cloud/Sephiroth fight. I would have preferred if it was just Lindsey and her fabulous cosplays. :monster:
  19. Tennyo

    Can I have more than four images in my sig?

    Please? If I promise to keep them all behind spoiler tags? :)
  20. Tennyo

    Happy Birthday Ryu!!!!!

    Have a happy one! :salute:
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