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  1. Kikyou

    Can someone change my username?

    Kikyou, please.
  2. Kikyou

    Happy Birthday Meimei!!!

    happy birthday, mei! you're still jail bait so have a hug instead :kiss:
  3. Kikyou

    so uhm, probably going to be on a really long hiatus

    Normally this wouldn't be such a big deal, since I'm always making a few posts and disappearing quietly into the background to lurk around the forums like a ninja whore. But this time I'm going to have to be away for a longer and indefinite time. Thanks to some Basically: Today is my last...
  4. Kikyou

    The Velvet Room, a Persona fanclub

  5. Kikyou

    Can someone change my username?

    welp december is over sooooo Lenneth Valkyrie prz
  6. Kikyou

    Secret Santa Gift Giving Thread 2011

    to octo: SO SINCE YOUR SECRET SANTA HAPPENS TO BE SANTA CLAUS HIMSELF, I GUESS IT REALLY ISN'T A BIG SECRET AFTER ALL well you've been a really naughty girl (you and your dangly balls) all month so i decided to opt out on giving you coal in your stockings instead you can have a mediocre drawing...
  7. Kikyou

    Happy Bday, Shademp

    Happy Birthday bro!
  8. Kikyou

    Final Fantasy XIII-2

    Check with the local KFC.
  9. Kikyou

    Things that piss you off

    @Kripey: That is seriously fucked up of your mom to say that. And I second what Omega said about following Zee's advice. :c *hugs* @Rishi: No, my azn family is like that too. And the thing is, my family doesn't seem to understand how hurtful it is to be criticized and insulted like that. They...
  10. Kikyou

    Hottest Male

    I would compare this situation to the emperor's new clothes... except there are not enough doodz parading around in noodz. So I think you noms should get to fixing that. :monster:
  11. Kikyou

    Things that piss you off

    I wear glasses because the thought of putting things in my eyes terrify me. (i do have a glasses fetish tho)
  12. Kikyou

    What makes your day

    You sure talking was all you two did? :awesome:
  13. Kikyou

    Things that piss you off

    Dude, Tiff. Nothing wrong with being on the internet to talk to friends. Like, srsly... it doesn't make you a loser. Times are different; it's just a different form of socializing. And you know what? I think it's a better form of communication because I can broaden my horizons and meet people I...
  14. Kikyou

    Hottest Male

    For an arm wrestle with Dacon?
  15. Kikyou

    Secret Santa 2011

  16. Kikyou

    Happy Birthday Gabriel!

    Happy birthday, dude.
  17. Kikyou

    Things that piss you off

    everything i know and love on the internet keeps breaking down on me ._.
  18. Kikyou

    Happy Birthday Ravynne!

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