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  1. Russell

    MTV bringing back Daria

    CNN :monster: I couldn't find the intro on youtube, but I did find this: BTPJnvt_mH8 (I'm still waiting for a Mystik Spiral album. :wacky: )
  2. Russell

    I'm back

    So what did I miss? :monster: So I'm back, properly this time I hope. I'm excited for the FF12 remaster/re-release; I wanna talk about it whilst I'm playing it and I've been meaning to come back for a while. But it was last Monday I preordered FF12 off Amazon and it took me until now to...
  3. Russell

    X-COM 2

    2E_-2wIJIzQ I have my ticket for the hype train. :excited:
  4. Russell

    I'm back

    K9q70zCJYBc My PC died. :closedmonster: Tis' fixed now.:smashedmonster: What did I miss?
  5. Russell

    Saints Row IV

    GeysFNSx3Zs Hopefully be getting this next weekend, anyone got it yet? It looks crazy-stupid-fun :wacky:
  6. Russell


    Until I get my PC fixed, this will last post for a while. See you all in (hopefully) early 2013. :salute:
  7. Russell

    PC gaming

    Because the other PC gaming thread was started by a bot. :shifty: So who is into PC gaming? What spec is your PC? How do the graphics compare to consoles? Ever modded any games? I’ve nearly completed my first week at my new job and I want to treat myself to a top draw gaming PC, (I‘ve always...
  8. Russell


    Who uses it? What do you use if for? And what do you buy? I got a £20 iTunes gift card last xMas, I've only just set up an account and sorted it all out. Now I have £20 to spend, what should I buy? :huh: Any recommendations? :huh:
  9. Russell

    Red Faction Armageddon

    Started playing at about 11am, finished playing at 9pm. Factor breaks I took, it has a single player mode of about 8 to 9 hours. I am disappoint. <_< I just didn't realise that it's basically just an FPS (but 3rd person), piss poor short story mode and loads of online stuff. Tis' a solid...
  10. Russell

    Camelot Only the first two episodes have aired here in the UK, so spoilers where appropriate please. So Eva Green naked hiding a guy, Eva Green bent over begging for it and Eva Green getting naked at every opportunity like she&#8217;s allergic to clothes. There is...
  11. Russell

    Before Crisis coming to 3DS?

    Source: The Escapist Good news? :huh: I don't know much about the new 3D DS....
  12. Russell

    Star Wars will be re-released, in 3-D

    Source All I have to say is this [Edit] Also will someone please shove a 'd' on the end of 're-release' in the thread title please?
  13. Russell


    Is it worth getting? :huh: The reviews have been pretty good but I'd rather hear from an average gamer not paid to review games. Is the protagonist an actual character (with a personality, backstory, reason to be kicking the shit out of everything etc), or just a pair of boobs with guns?
  14. Russell

    FF Plushies

    So I found a bunch of plushies from the ACF shop in my photobucket account, I dunno why I have them. Anyway they are free to use for Avatars/signatures whatever. :monster: (Is it me or is Ashe from FF12 picking her nose? :wacky: ) FF8 Edea Irvine Julia Laguna Quistis Rinoa...
  15. Russell

    New Guy

    Joined a while back but I've only just become active so I thought that I would make an introduction thread. I know a few people here from ACF, FCF & FFOF. I&#8217;m that guy without a face that has never changed his name or avatar. :wacky:
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