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  1. ThatGuyMikey

    ThatGuyMikey Plays Final Fantasy VI

    Been a long time comin'. Already made a small start on this thing, just escaped from a cave with Terra and Locke. Nobuo is already killing it - loving both of the battle themes. Shall update this thread after each session - live reactions kinda kill the momentum.
  2. ThatGuyMikey

    Tier Lists for Bands / Songs / Anything Music Related

    Any bands you particularly love/hate? Post some tier lists! - When I was about 12, I absolutely fell in love with the band Metallica. In my eyes, they could do no wrong, and I'd cite Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield as the two primary reasons why I decided to pick up guitar a few years ago...
  3. ThatGuyMikey

    A Proper Introduction

    I figured that after posting several threads cataloguing my journey from knowing practically nothing about FF, to completing FF7 (+ remake, CC, even posting a live reaction to AC), completing FF9, starting FF8, and deciding that I'm gonna tackle all of these things sooner rather than later with...
  4. ThatGuyMikey

    ThatGuyMikey plays FF VIII

    Oh boy. My ranking so far: IX > VII > VIIR > CC
  5. ThatGuyMikey

    Bloodborne / FromSoft Discussion!

    Haven't played Bloodborne in a short while, so I figured I'd dive back in. This was the first game in which the world truly took a hold of me, and made me invested in learning about the lore. I was obsessed with this thing for nearly a year before getting into the Final Fantasy games. I've...
  6. ThatGuyMikey

    FF Novice Plays FF IX

    After falling in love with Final Fantasy 7, having mixed/negative feelings on CC and DoC, quite enjoying remake, and finding a guilty pleasure in AC, I am more or less done with the compilation of FF7; somehow with my sanity in tact. So, time to tackle the rest. I plan to play FF I, all the way...
  7. ThatGuyMikey

    FF Newbie Plays FF7 Remake

    Well shit, here I am. Caught up, more or less. Sorry it took so long. After admittedly being a little disappointed with the compilation stuff so far (sorry guys!) I am looking forward to seeing how they handle this. I've avoided any spoilers like the plague, but I am aware that there are going...
  8. ThatGuyMikey

    FF Newbie Plays Crisis Core

    With many thanks to Mako, I've managed to get Crisis Core working on my laptop. Let's go! As I'm sure I'm going to say whenever I dive into any FF game, I'm incredibly excited. If you followed my FF7 thread you most likely have an idea of how much of an effect it had on me, quickly becoming my...
  9. ThatGuyMikey

    FF Newbie Watches Advent Children Complete

    The saga continues! After having an absolute blast with FF7 (which I still haven't done everything in) and coming to the conclusion that it may just be my favourite game of all time, I'm coming into ACC with a lot of excitement. Much like my FF7 thread, I'll be giving my immediate impressions...
  10. ThatGuyMikey

    FF Newbie Starting FF7 original

    Hi all! First post here. I've been interested in getting my hands on the Final Fantasy series for a while now, and today is the day. Downloading the original FF7 right now. Any tips?
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