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  1. Unit-01

    I'm back.

    Just checking in, back(kinda of) after a long 10 weeks of basic training. It's a bit weird frankly. ---- There's a lot for me to catch up on, I'm looking forward to it.
  2. Unit-01

    I'll be gone for a bit everyone.

    I think it's finally about time I made this thread. I enlisted in the Army, and I leave for Basic Training in two days. Needless to say I'm going to be absent for a bit, and even though I don't post too much on here, I'm a lot more active on our discord and Skype channels.
  3. Unit-01

    How cohesive will (or won't) the remake be with the Compilation? [Discussion split from interview thread]

    Edit- Because I seem to be the first post in this split now, I'll explain. Nomura recently had an interview and said the Remake isn't currently cohesive with the compilation. More information can be found in the actual article here. Link...
  4. Unit-01

    Lucca Comics & Games 2016 News

    All taken from Siliconera. I know there was a thread made about XVI, but this is to talk about everything else. They did say it was sometime next year. It may be sooner hopefully. Don't know much about Kingdom hearts, but I'd image this is good news to fans, and even common sense to them. I...
  5. Unit-01

    Guest Characters in Remake

    Compilation or Guest Characters in Remake I am surprised there wasn't already a thread about this topic. Now I need to ask, what is everyone's though about this? When I first heard about this...
  6. Unit-01

    FFIV/Interlude/The After Years Discussion Thread

    So just finished beating FFIV and I didn't see a thread where I could talk about it without it being off-topic so I made this one. So FFIV the DS Remake on Steam, for the most part I enjoyed it. Played it for about 32 hours in total, says 50 on steam, but that isn't right, then on my save it...
  7. Unit-01

    Hello Everyone I'm new here.

    Hello everyone! New here. Glad to be apart of a new community. I'm a big Fan of FF7, I got a PSP when i was like 10 and found out about Crisis Core through a YouTube video, started playing it and that's really how I found out and Final Fantasy in general. Besides that I've played 7(also CC and...
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