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  1. Mariketsu

    Development For My Novel-In-Progress

    Hey doodz! So, I decided to share with you guys the development of my Novel-In-Progress, which will currently span a total of 4 Story Arcs (and might just be separate books if it pans out right). Also, be advised, as it is still a work in progress, if something doesn't make sense or sounds kind...
  2. Mariketsu

    Wai Haylo Thar Again! (Returning Intro)

    So, hey doods! I've been pretty scarce for a long time now so, I hope it's alright to start a Return Thrad (if not feel free to move it or whatnot). I really miss you gaiz and well, I'm gonna try and hang around more often now. RL stuff, overtime at work and here recently, Kidney...
  3. Mariketsu

    Hardstyle Tech

    So I was wondering, is anyone on the forum into Hardstyle Tech? I've recently become absolutely crazy for this shit and well, I just freakin' love it! Here's some examples just to clarify [NOTE: These are shortened versions of the full mixes as the originals can be rather long in time-length...
  4. Mariketsu

    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's 'The Lost World'

    So I was curious, has anyone sat down and watched this series? I been watching it and I really love it so far! It's like someone mashed together Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park :P. I heard it used to come on TV in the timeslot before Angel, early in the morning. There's 3 seasons and the...
  5. Mariketsu

    A Word From Razael

    Okay, first off, I just want to say that I love Final Fantasy VII. I love the Compilation. I love and am a huge fan of mostly everything FFVII. It was my first FF I ever played (having been introduced to it through Kingdom Hearts) and is pretty much my favorite game/compilation ever. This is why...
  6. Mariketsu

    Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two for Wii

    So I found out recently that Epic Mickey has a sequel coming out soon it seems. Here's the trailer: jBRKRrPPA4c I still haven't got to play the first one yet, but I put this up in case anyone has and may be interested in the new sequel. Also: OSWALD IS BACK, YAY!!! (I wonder what Walt would...
  7. Mariketsu

    Hymn Of the Angels ~ Evangelion

    This here is a club I decided to start for one my my most favorite anime ever. Here I present to you: Hymn Of the Angels An Evangelion FanClub ~~~ MEMBERS Razael/Starkiller Winter Tetsujin Looneymoon LPod Celes Chere Alex Strife YACCBS CloudKittyVII ~~~ I have recently become a huge fan...
  8. Mariketsu

    Apollo 18

    0F6DU6gx7-w So I started hearing about this movie when I saw the poster up at my local theatre here in town and I'm becoming interested in it. Apparently it's "claimed" that it's "missing footage" of a supposed 18th mission to the Moon that Officials denied. Even the head of Dimension Films...
  9. Mariketsu

    Marina/Raziel's AMVS

    So, I been making AMVs for almost 5 years now and I've had 78 of them on youtube, before many of them were deleted cuz YT was butthurt by the use of music and had a derp-fit >_>. I went on hiatus for a while and then moved to and started posting my new ones there. Here's...
  10. Mariketsu

    Prayers For the Fallen Angel ~ Seph/Aerith

    Okay so, I finally decided to make this club as I did see some fellow members who were interested to some degree in this pairing idea. This club is only meant to be Fanon and is simply meant to be enjoyed as a 'what if' or 'what could've been' thing. So here I present: + Prayers For the Fallen...
  11. Mariketsu

    Transformers: Dark Of the Moon

    So I stumbled across this teaser trailer on a random Yahoo! article page this morning and quite literally said 'What the hell..?' when I saw the title. Lol. Found it on Youtube: PkMdm4_G6gA Maybe it's just me but, I actually felt nostalgia from the first movie in it. What you guys think? ~ Raz
  12. Mariketsu

    Stalemate Random Or Boss Battles?

    Made this thread cuz I managed to do something really weird when I was playing FFVII.. So, am I the only one who somehow got myself stuck in a stalemate battle? See, when I was fighting that 2-headed monster with a fire-based head and an ice-based head somewhere in a cave (forgot where), I had...
  13. Mariketsu


    Okay, so I read the reviews on this particular 6 episode/2 volume anime and it was highly praised (tho some criticized the story a bit) and was one of the best selling anime in 2006... but yet when I've asked people if they had seen or were interested in it, nearly all of them didn't know what I...
  14. Mariketsu

    Epic Mickey for the Wii

    I know a thread was started about this before, but it seems the last post was back in 2009, so I thought I'd just start a new one. So, Epic Mickey, what do you guys think, now that more info is out and the release date is this month? Here's the latest trailer for it - JapWSh0voWc and a link...
  15. Mariketsu

    Random LOTR/FFVII Parody Idea

    So I was talking to a friend, and we both kind of came up with this initially really random and now plausible parody idea: A FFVII-style parody of LOTR :P. Okay, so maybe this has been done before, but I find myself actually considering this as a written type of parody. Actually filled most of...
  16. Mariketsu

    New Sephiroth Theory

    Okay, this is something I been contemplating for months now and have managed to put together a theory, regarding Sephiroth as a villain. Also, first off, I am NOT trying to make him out to be innocent or mindlessly absolve him of what happened, this is ONLY a theory, NOT a stupid fanfic-based...
  17. Mariketsu

    Banner/Hulk Recast For 'Avengers' Movie ^ This makes me VERY MAD :@! I really liked Edward Norton D:< (And the 'Kevin' dude's explanation on the change makes Ed sound like a bad actor too -.-) ~ Raziel
  18. Mariketsu


    Okay, so I recently sat down and really watched this show (on a website as they have all episodes from Season 1, Episode 1 - Season 5, Episode 14) and I'm curious to know if there are Supernatural fans on the site? If so, do you (or did) like the series? Favorite characters? Just curious here as...
  19. Mariketsu

    The Works of Don Bluth

    Nin brought this up in the "World needs more of" discussion and I figured I'd make a thread about it. How many of you guys are fans of Don Bluth films? One of my all-time faves has always been 'All Dogs Go to Heaven' as well as 'Thumbelina'. Loved the 'Land Before Time' films before they really...
  20. Mariketsu


    Probably gonna be shit-thread :monster: but I was curious to know what you guys thought of this movie? I liked it but I feel kind of mixed on it. It got pretty wierd alot though I like the concept of the story being around "RL" games and stuff. I did like the plotline and how it turned out...
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