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    Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars

    So why is there no thread for this game yet? This game is like pure amazingness and easily the best fighter on the wii, if not one of the best for this entire gen. So who else has it/wants it or whatever else? Ps. Zero = epic.
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    Could possibly raise activity by keeping people around longer.
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    We need a topic here for the greatest video game hero ever. So did anyone else get Megaman 9 this/last year?
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    Adding stuff

    Perhaps you could add a spot in the profiles and postbits for PSNID's and Gamertags an shit like that.
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    Shadow of the Colossus

    Cthulhu bid His servants to split this topic from Best Game Music, and persuades you to discuss the game Shadow of the Colossus in here now, fgj. [color=gray][font=comic sans ms]Shadow of the Colossus has the best music, and then I'd probably go with Chrono Cross.
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    Can someone change the password length from 8 to 6? I really can't be bothered to remember the extra two characters I added onto the end of my password. also adding gray to the colors list would be cool
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    Since you all miss me, I decided to come back...err rejoin, or whatever...
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