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  1. Max Caulfield

    Where's the government in FFVII? Is Shinra the government?

    Does Shinra operate as the de facto government? Where did the actual government go? Also, with how Shinra is destroying the planet you'd think that other countries would get involved to stop them because fucking up the planet is bad for everyone?
  2. Max Caulfield

    hi (again)

    I used to have a profile on this site a really really long time ago but I can't remember my username or password so :awesome: My name is Jessica. I just moved to Oregon. Since I read that FFVII is going to be remade, I figured I'd see if the cloti vs clerith debate was still raging on and if...
  3. Max Caulfield

    I'm back from the dead.

    While I never officially left, I stopped posting and didn't come around as much. I don't really know why, I just did. In the months that I was gone, though, I became a Tumblr addict, got a little more comfortable in my own skin, ate a lot of food, became weirder, and read a book on threesomes...
  4. Max Caulfield


    Hello, forums. Just thought I'd introduce myself. You can call me Ame (shortened version of "amethyst"). I' m a huge video game fan and have been playing Final Fantasy since I was about sixteen ( two, almost three years now), my first game being Final Fantasy VII. Since then I have played I...
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