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  1. Torrie

    Final Fantasy Allusions/Associations in Mass Culture

    ...or, alternatively, seeing FF everywhere, because fans can't help associating some pop culture products or images with something that they hold dear. In other words, this is a thread for anything that either contains a direct and/or confirmed FF reference, or it doesn't, but it strongly...
  2. Torrie

    Kunsel, the ultimate SOLDIER bro

    My new friend Helsen S.M. from Belarus has been drawing a lot of Kunsel recently, which has kind of raised his popularity on Twitter, so I thought this obviously underrated SOLDIER deserves his own fanclub. Do you have your own head canon about Kunsel's appearance? Do you admire his...
  3. Torrie

    Happy Birthday, Prism!

    @Prism Here! A colourful dispersion for you to brighten your day :joy:
  4. Torrie

    Reno/Tifa a.k.a. ReTi

    Twitter is currently going crazy about this ship, which I personally find weird and lacking any basis in the story itself, but apparently it meets someone's kinks or aesthetic ideals. What do you think of this pair? Do you think they belong together? Personally, I could imagine Rude being there...
  5. Torrie

    Do you find FF guys good-looking? Why (not)?

    The Remake offered us a bunch of presumably good-looking men in HD. Even months after the release, they still keep artists occupied and fangirls drooling, Cloud, Zack, Reno, Tseng probably being among the most popular eye-candies recently. Basically, each FF game has a few characters who were...
  6. Torrie

    Greetings from faraway!

    Hello Lifestream! First of all, the website itself is a priceless library I have come across by mere luck this year, and isn't that amazing that forums still exist and gather so many people from all over the world! I've been dying to discuss some FF-related things with anyone, especially now...
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