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  1. AvecAloes

    Stormblood Job Review Article Planning Stuffs

    Yeah I know the thread title's a bit eh but I wanted to differentiate it even a little from JT's thread about the general SB review planning. So here's what I'm thinking, for those who didn't see it in JT's thread - we should write a review of the jobs and the changes therein. You know what...
  2. AvecAloes

    Accommodations for Kupocon: The Big Pom

    Ok, so this subforum exists now, let's start utilizing it! I know Kupocon: The Big Pom is still a few months away, but time will get away from us for sure. I mean, hell, Force, Micah, and I already missed out on the Thundaga passes because we forgot, lol Let's make this thread about where...
  3. AvecAloes

    The Jinx (HBO miniseries)

    I know I'm late to this party but HAS ANYONE ELSE WATCHED THIS AND WILL YOU PLEASE TALK TO ME ABOUT IT AND WHY ISN'T THERE A THREAD FOR IT ALREADY Yes, I did just binge all 6 episodes today :monster:
  4. AvecAloes

    43) TLS Lifetime Achievement Award

    Unlike the Member of the Year Award, this award gives a special nod to some of our longstanding members who have worked to make this site what it has become today. There have been many changes over the last several years, and this place has definitely improved in so many ways. These are the...
  5. AvecAloes

    42) Member of the Year Award

    These members have really made our forums a better place during the year 2015. Their hard work and creativity have made a huge difference in our community, and have done a lot towards drawing new people in, as well as maintaining our current member base, whether it be through contributing to the...
  6. AvecAloes

    41) TLS Peace Prize Award

    These pacifists have been recognized for their ability to keep the peace around these parts. Their level-headed and timely responses have been able to keep their calm even during the most vicious of forum debates and maintain an unbiased viewpoint while doing so. We thank and commend them for...
  7. AvecAloes

    40) Most Shippable Member

    Everyone wants to both get with these members AND see them paired off! Whether its because of their good looks, their compatible personalities, or just the simple fact that their usernames make for some good portmanteaus, these people are just BEGGING to get shipped with each other, and everyone...
  8. AvecAloes

    39) Most Diametrically Opposed Pairing Award

    We all know we love to create crack ships for every type of media we consume, so why not make some out of TLSers? You may choose up to four ridiculous combinations!
  9. AvecAloes

    38) Best Ship TLS OTP Award

    Which among these is TLS's OTP to end all pairings? Havec, Havec, Havec, Havec Again, because there are SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM, you may vote for up to four!
  10. AvecAloes

    37) Best Bromance Award

    Awww, these guys really must love each other <3 Choose up to four lucky couples :wacky: lL4L4Uv5rf0
  11. AvecAloes

    36) Most Pistoning Pen0r Award

    These guys are known around the boards for their sexual prowess...or at least for their obsession with it :desu: Vote for up to four!
  12. AvecAloes

    35) Sexiest Voice Award

    These are the Morgan Freemans of our forums - their voices have been known to soothe, excite, and seduce ;) ....and depending on their accents, possibly even confuse :monster: Vote for up to four of these vocal giants!
  13. AvecAloes

    34) Best Forum Staffer Award

    Thank goodness for these members! If it weren't for them, we'd probably descend into a horde of murderous thieves or something. Instead, these staff members work their best to keep us crazies in line, and aren't we the better for it? Because we have so many great staff members, you may vote...
  14. AvecAloes

    33) Best Site Contributor Award

    These people have been recognized for their outstanding work around the site, whether it be writing articles for the front page, coming up with brilliant ideas to help draw crowds in, running contests, making podcasts; you name it, these guys have brought it to the table. For their tireless and...
  15. AvecAloes

    32) Best Beard Award

    These guys have got it going, er, growing on! Everyone knows that a beard can make you look more stately, and these guys have figured that out and capitalized on it. I wish there was a way to reach through the screen and run my fingers through all of these beards, but alas, technology has not...
  16. AvecAloes

    31) Best Ass Award

    These fine folks have been recognized for their delightful assets. Whose shapely bottom has won a place in your sock drawerheart? Vote for up to four people (or in other words, 8 cheeks)!
  17. AvecAloes

    30) Bounciest Boobies Award

    This one's all about the tits - big or small, we love them all! My only regret about this poll is that we haven't had any video evidence of the bounciness of said boobs....but there's still time, ladies :desu: Personally, I think it's pretty uncomfortable when my boobs bounce around too much...
  18. AvecAloes

    29) Most Frequent Username Changer Award

    These people are well known for their love of changing it up! Sometimes we have a hard time keeping up with who they are at any given point, but that's what the "AKA" field is for, right?
  19. AvecAloes

    28) Hottest Female Award

    Ok, folks - we know we've got a pretty attractive forum here, and these ladies are the cream of the crop! Luscious locks, beautiful smiles, bodacious bods, sultry eyes, they've got them all! Oh, yeah, and I guess their personalities are pretty alright, too, but that's apparently not what this...
  20. AvecAloes

    27) Hottest Male Award

    These guys are known around the board for being smokin' hot! Sadly, I don't think enough of them have submitted pictorial evidence (pectorial? :wacky: ), and so I demand that we see some proof of their hotness ASAP! So who gets your panties damp/trousers tight? The abundance of delicious...
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