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  1. Gym Leader Devil

    Where do the years go?

    Holy shit I miss you many silly persons, you know that? :reapermon:
  2. Gym Leader Devil

    Darkness Falls Once More...

    Turn out the lights and hit the pyrotechnics, cause my friends... :reapermon: I'm home :reapermon:
  3. Gym Leader Devil

    Happy Birthday Quexinos (Dashell)

    Hey lady, happy birthday an' shit :reapermon: :yay: May it be full of ponies and happy.
  4. Gym Leader Devil

    Happy Birthday Razael!

    Hey my little fanfic writing friend, happy birthday an' shit :reapermon:
  5. Gym Leader Devil

    Happy Birthday Quexinos!

    Hey Q, happy birthday lady :reapermon: Here, you has cake now... ...and be happy :D
  6. Gym Leader Devil

    Happy Birthday Tres!

    Hey dude, you are one of the very coolest people I know. Thus, even though your life has been busy/hectic and you're thus probably nowhere near the forum... Happy birthday an' shit bro :birthday:
  7. Gym Leader Devil

    Happy Birthday Lord Noctis!

    Yo dude, I didn't even realize it but you got a year older while we were repeatedly butchering a small town's worth of zombies. Which is awesome. :reapermon:
  8. Gym Leader Devil

    New Pokemon Game Announced... A Fair Bit Ago!

    And I am shocked, SHOCKED I SAY, that we don't have a thread for it yet! This apparently was announced long enough ago that there were trailers in mid-April! I had to hear about this from a TVTropes page ffs! As such, I myself don't know all that much about it just yet, but here's some of...
  9. Gym Leader Devil

    Happy Birthday Trainer Red!

    From one Pokemon trainer to another, happy birthday Red :awesome:
  10. Gym Leader Devil

    Gym Leader Devil's Gym Shenanigans

    So, after Brooke's awesome walking Pokemon thread, I got inspired and started screwing around with sprites and the like using Gimp. My stuff isn't half as good as hers (mine don't move, for instance), but I been having fun with it and figured why not show off what I have managed? So, further...
  11. Gym Leader Devil

    Wild TLS Member Wants To Battle!

    Once upon a time in the TLS Region, a group of trainers decided to form their own Regional Pokemon League. Unfortunately, they shared a number of limitations with the Unova Region and interest began to wane. Then one day the self-proclaimed Master of the Dark-type tried to get things going...
  12. Gym Leader Devil

    Wrasslin!: Something for the Smarks

    I looked all through the entertainment section here and found no similar threads. Maybe I am the only wrestling fan in attendance and will sit here to the sound of crickets, but only one way to find out. If there are other wrestling fans here, this is a good place to bitch about bad angles...
  13. Gym Leader Devil

    Sudden Realizations

    Hey everyone, miss me? No? At least remember who I am? Bah, fine then. Anyway, I am back once more with this thread, which is all about those moments when something you didn't understand from FFVII or the Compilation suddenly clicked for you. I'll start with a contribution that's a wee bit...
  14. Gym Leader Devil

    Theories concerning the origins of LV 4 Limit Techniques...

    I was very bored last night, and my mind began to wander. This is where my mind wound up in its meandering. So, everyone in the playable party of FFVII has an ultimate fighting technique of some sort, which they learn from a manual found at different places throughout the game. Here are my...
  15. Gym Leader Devil

    If you could make a new Compilation game (not a remake) what would you do with it?

    Ok, to start this off (assuming it goes anywhere from this post) my own idea. It may not be popular, but I think this would be cool. My idea is for a sandbox type game, somewhat like the GTA series, or how they did Spider-man 2. The entire game world as we know it from the rest of the...
  16. Gym Leader Devil

    Why is Yuffie suddenly a weak little girl?

    In OtWtaS: Case of Yuffie, the title character is depicted as too weak to lift a kid roughly her own age off the ground, or break down a simple wooden door. What the hell? Tres has brought this up several times, and it bothers me too. This is a character shown in AC/C able to run up the side...
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