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  1. manc

    its abit like a shit acf really.

    thats the vibe im getting.
  2. manc

    taxis here bye!!!

    thanks for helping me kill a hour bye luv u
  3. manc


    With the low tech qualities of ff7 i think he may have wore briefs. But in FF7AC the times had changed and things had become allot more modern , he may have made the switch to a more relaxed pair of boxers. I suppose it all depends on the kind of support he favors. Relaxed with freedom or...
  4. manc

    ~This thread stinks of manc

    Im not to sure on that, Either way hi. Has anyone seen Advent Children yet? I loved the film and found it to have great production values. All in all i'd give it a 9/10 only because it lacked hot steamy action between Cloud and another male character.
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