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    Will We See The Whispers Under Sephiroth's Control In Part 2?

    Since he absorbed them. Or do you think they're gone?
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    Something That Has Me Worried For Some Time Now

    I can't wait for Remake Part 2. But I think they should take their time, to make it as good as possible. I really don't want it to be inferior(in any way) to Part 1. But because of the pandemic, I fear that this could end up happening. That Square could decide to sacrifice some thing or another...
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    Do You Think They Will Explain This?

    Do you guys think they will explain Tifa's lack of reaction to seeing Sephiroth in Remake? That bothered me so much, and I rarely see people talking about it. Was it a mistake of the devs, or was it on purpose? What do you think?
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    SPOILERS Could They Be Making Jenova More Similar To Lavos? (*Open Spoilers*)

    Jenova and Lavos are similar creatures, and both come from Square games(I heard one of them was even the inspiration for the other). But they have differences, and the biggest one is the ability to influence time(since Chrono Trigger is all about that). But now with the remake adding time...
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    [SPOILERS] Am I The Only One Pissed About This?

    Adding the Watchers of Fate to this remake, is like adding aliens to a remake of God of War. It's so friggin stupid and nonsensical! And the worst part, is that they seem to be very important to the overall story(of this, and future games). FFVII's world is already complex enough, with it's...
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    Is this true? Could Part 2 come much later than we expected?

    These guys seem to have played the Remake(at E3 I think) an talked with Kitase/Nomura. Now watch from 1:27:34 to 1:27:43. Shit!
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    This Game Could Piss Off A Lot Of People

    Since Square-Enix is only calling it "Final Fantasy VII Remake", I'm seeing more and more people thinking this is going to be a full remake. And that could end up backfiring big on Square-Enix.
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    A Little Help, Please

    Is there any website where I can find videos of the Jade-Weapon mission from Before-Crisis?
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    Do you think they will ever finish the Compilation?

    Because the way things are looking, it seems they simply don't care about it anymore.
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    Two Sephiroths?

    In the Temple of the Ancients sometimes when Sephiroth appears, there is two of them. One normal and one transparent(moving independently of the other one, in one scene). I never understood what that was supposed to mean, it was so weird and nonsensical. At least with Cloud we had an explanation...
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    Sephiroth's Will.

    Sorry if this is a noobish question, but it is ever explained in the original game or any title of the Compilation, why Sephiroth's will is so strong?
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    Why did Sephiroth Need his Original Body?

    Maybe I'm forgetting something mentioned in the game or in one of the Ultimanias, but why did Sephiroth need to waste 5 years reconstructing his original Human-Jenova body at the Crater, when he could have just used Jenova's body itself to absorb the Planet's Lifestream?
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    About the Wings...

    The text quoted bellow is from Crisis Core Complete Guide, translated by Hitoshura: When did Sephiroth have a single black wing coming from his shoulder in FFVII? Is this a retcon or something? Well, according to that explanation, black wings represent evil. And even if it's not directly...
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    A Question About the Void's Origin

    In FFV is explained that: "In the beginning, there was Void. Then four Spirits came. Together in this Void, the Crystals were born and the world was created." But Ghido says: "Eventually, using the 12 Legendary Weapons, the people defeated Enuo. But they were not able to get rid of the Void...
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    How Could Bugenhagen Levitate?

    I don't remember the original game or any other spin-off and Ultimania explaining that. Opinions, theories?
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    About Adel's Size

    Something that never made sense to me in FFVIII, was Adel being a giant. Yes, I know that sorceresses suffer "mutations" because of their powers, and can look like monsters because of it, some times. But we saw Adel in Laguna's flashback, and her size was normal. I would understand if this...
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