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    FFVII Speed Run in 2:26:09

    What's the current speedrun record without any glitches or cheats?
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    Cut Scenes and Unused Text from FFVII

    Great, Glitterberri's site is back. It's a good read and would be a shame to lose it. It helped me learn who Link's friend The Bucket Mouse really is.
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    Cut Scenes and Unused Text from FFVII

    What happened to glitterberri's site? It's gone down. Hope someone archived all that info.
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    Where did Hyne's cast off skin end up?

    The various stories of Hyne in-game make it clear the sorceress powers are from the 'hidden' half of Hyne's powers. In Squall_of-Seed's translation, it seems Nojima deliberately wrote in dialogue about it being still somewhere in the world. -- I'm assuming the geology is a metaphor...
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    So, what do you think the LTD conclusion is? (Round 2)

    Actually, if you give me a day or so I can probably get it translated for you... But from a quick glance: DVD&UMD chapter 19 THIS/THAT IS CLOUD'S ___ Cloud has disappeared. "...oh no" It is the pitying? It is here once again. There is no ___ Tifa and Marlene and Denzel are a home There is...
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    So, what do you think the LTD conclusion is? (Round 2)

    NOT IN MY HEART SHE ISN'T! *is a 30 year old virgin* *lives vicariously through 15 year old stories* *spends too much time on 4chan*
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    Cloud's strength

    According to Last Order, Cloud's strength is in his stare that causes people to commit suicide.
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    So, what do you think the LTD conclusion is? (Round 2)

    That kinda proves my point there, man, haha. I seriously can't wait for the remake to just add like 10 lines of dialogue that throw the fanboys/girls/blobs into 300-post debates for another 20 years. I wonder if Nojima ever browses english FF sites and laughs...
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    So, what do you think the LTD conclusion is? (Round 2)

    I don't think anyone who still obsesses over a 15 year old love triangle (that will probably be rewritten in a remake anyways) is allowed to say "moving on" in a argument.
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    About "G" from DoC and FFVII... (spoilers)

    Or just another random Shinra Experiment. Not really hard to just say "they had a secret lab." For example, at the end of Dirge, there's still a few Deepgrounders alive, like Argento, so it's not much of a stretch to see some Jenova cells out there.
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    Church Glitches and Ghosts FAQ *spoilers*

    Sure hope someone also figures out why Reno's ghost (of his hair) also appears with Aerith.
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    Project S and Genesis

    Eh they're priming him for the next game as a protagonist anyways, or at least a misunderstood anti-hero type.
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    Blood Transfusions

    The designers have said Sephiroth's motivation for tormenting Cloud was to get revenge for being humiliatingly 'killed' by a low-class stormtrooper.
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    The WEAPONS are here. And they're pissed. *SPOILERS*

    Wasn't the question about the WEAPON's motivations already answered in one of the FF QnA interviews? Pretty sure it was on this site, too.
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    Safe and Sound missing in US release?

    So is that the ONLY difference between the US release and the J?
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    Case of Denzel

    So how's this project doing? :D
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    Here's a question I haven't seen anyone ask

    When people with geostigma die their energy is absorbed into Sephiroth's negative lifestream.This is said during S's monologue at the end.
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