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  1. Hisako

    Ori and the Blind Forest

    Q4 2014 (XBO/PC) 2015 (X360) zM0WOdTH7aM Oh no feeeeeeeeels
  2. Hisako

    Nomura now confirmed for Not-Director of FFXV (Kotaku is also a source but fuck Kotaku) Tabata is pretty legit (directed The 3rd Birthday as well) inb4 Nomura-induced Kingdom Hearts III development hell joke
  3. Hisako

    Need a little guide on posting/resizing images around here

    Just came to my attention while making a brainvomit. Quick questions, really. How does one resize an image? I'm using [img=640,360] on a 1280x720 .jpg but it ain't doing shit when I preview the post. Is there a hard limit to the number of [img]s that actually display? I'm seeing a few of my...
  4. Hisako

    Kotaku Interview with Sakaguchi Mostly Mistwalker-related, but it had a few gems: Haha Sakaguchi you cheeky motherfucker <3
  5. Hisako

    General Anime Thread

    I've had this sitting in my head for quite a while, but I debated doing a giant fuckton post full of research and then that fell to the wayside as I ended up having too much shit to do this week. Just a thread for anime (or at least, anime that doesn't have its own specific thread already) and...
  6. Hisako

    Namco High

    I'm sorry there really just has to be a thread
  7. Hisako

    Mechwarrior Online

  8. Hisako


    Interestingly, the publisher is no longer Activision - Bethesda Softworks has picked this one up. p9vXzCV4g4s Next-gen stuff (and possibly the first stable id Tech 5 game?). NAZIS ON THE MOOOOOOOOON.
  9. Hisako

    Hey Tenny

    Apparently it's your birthday or something? idk So yeah happy thingies to you you wonderful woman, I ship you with cake and sweets and everything adorabibble TennyxAwesomeShit OTP oh no quick eat your cake before the puppies finish it aaa
  10. Hisako

    Stats at the top of the forum page

    Uh, really small thing: Top Ten Posters at the top of the page links to lol, guys :monster:
  11. Hisako

    Sleeping Dogs

    Because holy fucking shit. SE2ADqLuzvU k1xAm9J4T40 j3U1TliUCPM SO BASICALLY assassins creed free-running with Arkham-Asylum martial arts combat with Need for Speed driving and Max Payne shooting I am excited for this game that was formerly True Crime: Hong...
  12. Hisako

    Destrillians: Aftermath Act II

    VERONICA WILKINS, BENJAMIN ASHFORD - AUDOULA Veronica Wilkins&#8217; eyes gleamed, sharp with venomous scrutiny mind full of criticism as she pored over the glass panels. No detail escaped her notice as she analysed each exhibition on show down to the smallest of crystalline structures. She...
  13. Hisako


    I don't even know why I would have to copypaste that blurb since EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THIS HILARIOUS SHOW Also, username theme? :3
  14. Hisako

    kats tls is borked someone fix it plz

    So yaccy has apparenly been having problems accessing the forums: Pretty funny, huh? :lol: Well, I've already had my chuckles about it (since I'm pretty sure that the site/forums are still up and running) and on a more serious note, she wants this problem sorted out. Suggestions?
  15. Hisako

    Project S

    Hate to necro old news, but Whatever happened to all the Snatcher media? I thought having two of Japan's biggest trolls in videogame development teaming up would be a pretty significant thing. D:
  16. Hisako

    Shadows of the Damned

    EW4eVczkGoM Soooooooooo this is A game by Suda51 and Shinji Mikami Published by EA. 360 and PS3. Color me pretty fucking intrigued here even though it looks to be on the tailored side of pants specially designed to fit on retarded heads...
  17. Hisako

    So, Deadpool, right?

    Old news is old, but apparently this is a legit leaked movie script: Your thoughts?
  18. Hisako

    Hi my name is Professor Layton and-

    &#30064;&#35696;&#12354;&#12426; good lord what nJpjP67sYb8
  19. Hisako


    I dunno what the fuck they're calling it but oh well :monster: Youtube vids Announce Gameplay New Mortal Kombat game. Spiffy graphics. X-ray thing adds to the spectacle, but that's all it does...
  20. Hisako

    This needs to be on XBL :nom Download Just in case you didn't know that the vayjay (or any part of a person's skin for that matter) is filled with a ridiculous amount of microflora (and occasionally microfauna)...
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