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  1. Thenir

    Hi, there! New here

    Hello!! Looking forward to your artworks (big FFVI fan here too ❤️)
  2. Thenir

    TLS Weekender NL Edition 2020

    Ooh so nice! No dates in my country for now, I could consider going to another European city!
  3. Thenir

    SPOILERS Anyone Willing to Admit the Remake Was better then the Original?

    I do. Don't ask me how but they will.
  4. Thenir

    SPOILERS Predictions for Part 2? (*Open Spoilers for Part 1*)

    I personally interpreted it as a little reference to CC. Sure, the kids could be just trying to look like Cloud but, unless it's a case of video game illogic, it takes more than the time Cloud spent with them to create wooden swords. Moreover they all have a perfect copy of the Buster Sword...
  5. Thenir

    woodworking ideas (ff7 themed)

    It would be really great! :D
  6. Thenir

    woodworking ideas (ff7 themed)

    Did you do that? It's amazing!!
  7. Thenir

    woodworking ideas (ff7 themed)

    PS1 CDs coasters! Iirc, in Advent Children, Denzel had a stylized wooden chocobo on his bedside table.
  8. Thenir

    SPOILERS Predictions for Part 2? (*Open Spoilers for Part 1*)

    Yes, there are countless parallels (there's also a book about Stamp fanclub, and CC stated that Zack had his personal one, like Sephiroth, Angeal and Genesis) and I'd say that the fact that Stamp changes breed exactly when Zack seems to change his destiny is what seals the deal imo. If I had to...
  9. Thenir

    Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary

    So I guess we shouldn't expect any 2023 release...
  10. Thenir

    Midgar Timeline from Remake's Material Ultimania

    Thank you for this! This finally puts to rest the theory about Zirconiade being the cause of the collapse of sector 6. Funnily enough in the home screen of The First Soldier shows a fully constructed Sector 6 upperplate with illuminated buildings, I guess its developers didn't check the...
  11. Thenir

    SPOILERS General 'Will Aerith Live?' Thread (*Open Spoilers*)

    YES! I wish they could clarify that point and finally remove any ambiguity.
  12. Thenir


    I'm a dreamer, I still hope in a release date for part 2 . But some EC news would be very appreciated as well, I'm really looking forward to it
  13. Thenir

    Hello everyone!

    Hello! :renoball:
  14. Thenir

    SPOILERS General 'Will Aerith Live?' Thread (*Open Spoilers*)

    But they're planning to bring them back in EC. It's not that they couldn't do it but wouldn't it mean shooting themselves in the feet? If the future as we know it can be changed with no big side effects and the internal struggles of ALL the cast can be processed during the OG time frame (less...
  15. Thenir

    SPOILERS Predictions for Part 2? (*Open Spoilers for Part 1*)

    Marle マーレ Merle マール Marlene マリン They lack creativity when it comes to choose names
  16. Thenir

    SPOILERS Predictions for Part 2? (*Open Spoilers for Part 1*)

    Marle has blue eyes while Marlene's are brown.
  17. Thenir


    Probably, but I'm being optimistic too.
  18. Thenir

    Bow wow wow ~ My Final Remake Theory

    Thank you for sharing your theory and the detailed recap! Jusp addressing a couple of points: I initially thought the same but than I noticed that in the Terrier timeline the Whispers "explode" and disappear after Zack's survival. Zack himself sounds very surprised of his victory, as he was...
  19. Thenir

    SPOILERS LTD Remake — It's like New Coke except ... no, it's exactly like New Coke

    Hi! :) I think "cloudy wolf" was the way fans started calling it, not an official term. Honestly I'd find it a big coincidence if the gray wolf and Cloud's AC symbol weren't related, as seemingly they both epitomize his sense of guilt.
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