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  1. ForceStealer

    Happy birthday Rishi!

    I hope it's a good one, @looneymoon ! :properhug:
  2. ForceStealer

    Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Series (Mobile/Steam)

    Unquestionably better than the refuse currently on steam/mobile, and the enhanced view of Narshe down below in the opening is nice...but it's just frustrating that it still doesn't look as good as it should. And then with FF1 here...I think it only looks better than the NES Original? The way...
  3. ForceStealer

    Relationship between Remake and the original? (split from the "How many parts?" thread)

    I thought the ending was stupid as hell, and has sucked a lot of the potential tension and buildup out of future parts. The idea of AC Sephiroth poking around in the past but limited in some way in his actions is something I could see being fun. Just as I was fine with a lot of the earlier...
  4. ForceStealer

    No Time to Die (007)

    Intriguing. The premise, as I've read, is that Bond's retired - again - and Leiter calls him in for a favor. The girl threatening to shoot him in the knee is the agent who was assigned the "007" designation after he left. Seeing the Spectre version of Blofeld doesn't give me much hope that...
  5. ForceStealer

    Kitase asked about FF Fan Theories

    Jason Schreier at Kotaku asked Kitase about famous fan theories at PAX. Interesting that he seemed more interested in the Squall is Dead one that Rinoa is Ultimecia one, in contrast to my view that the latter is the more interesting one to think about. Also I guess that's about as firm an...
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    Final Fantasy Tactics Community Playthrough

    AKA "Hello to a Legend" Welcome! This is the thread for all discussion of the first TLS Community Playthrough of 2017! And yes, we well be playing through Final Fantasy Tactics together. This is very likely my second-favorite game of all time and arguably the ultimate implementation of the FF...
  7. ForceStealer

    Star Trek Discovery

    So that's the name for the new series. I might have offered some pause on giving your show the initials "STD," but what to do I know. Here's the "test footage." bqm9HSYbf0o I dunno, that ship feels awfully Klingon. (And so does the music, frankly.) I know it's based on some old Enterprise...
  8. ForceStealer

    James Arnold Taylor on "the Laugh"

    So Taylor, the voice of Tidus, put up a video going over the infamous scene. He basically says what all of us already know, but the greater we can emphasize this point for all the people who somehow still don't get it, the better. Especially from the source: kRWab0q9aw4
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    Rebel Galaxy

    New game from the guys that made Diablos and Torchlights 1 & 2. It's a space sim that's not about fighters for a change, but battleships, frigates, destroyers, and dreadnoughts. In other words, my kinda space sim. rtg56RGq0OY Yes. Please. More detailed writeup here.
  10. ForceStealer

    More remake rumors

    We should probably just have a thread for these. Source I can't remember if this is a similar rumor from before, that Verandus sounds familiar. Also I'm almost positive that the screenshot is from G-Bike. But, there you have it. Sorry if this as already been posted.
  11. ForceStealer

    "Where FF Went Wrong and how SE is righting it" This is a really interesting article, I thought.
  12. ForceStealer

    UNCHARTED 4: A Thief's End

    _SnJPTkrD7o :yay: Well. This is the first thing I've seen or heard that may cause me to pick up a PS4 sooner than Final Fantasy XV's release.
  13. ForceStealer

    20 JRPGs you must play

    Kotaku posted this article today. And more than that, when I wanted to ask people about Tales of Xillia, I was looking for a general JRPG thread and couldn't really find one except for some that Mog posted about his personal recommendations. Tales of Xillia still looks good to me....but FFXIV...
  14. ForceStealer

    Square America Boss Leaves

    Mike Fischer, Square America CEO leaves for Amazon. So soon after Wada's departure?
  15. ForceStealer

    Gaming Backlog

    So this is partially for my own benefit to schedule out my fairly extensive gaming backlog (which I have nonetheless put a significant dent in this last six months), but I figured it could be a fun exercise and likely extend all of our backlogs as we remind each other of or recommend to certain...
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    Time to beat Ruby Weapon

    So, despite the countless hours I have sunk into playthroughs of FF7, there is one thing I still have never done and this is beaten Ruby Weapon. I haven't even ever really attempted it. It's not that I've thought he'd be too difficult. I know VII is on the easier side of FFs and everyone that's...
  17. ForceStealer

    Barret is not &#^$ing racist

    *I was at a loss as to where to post this thread, feel free to move it to wherever feels appropriate. Kotaku posted this article today about how to "get more black people in video games." The article's fine and all, it raises some good points and shortcomings of gaming as a medium. But I can't...
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    FF Collections

    We had a thread on this like two years ago, but in that time there are plenty of new people, it'd be interesting what trinkets and versions of games we've picked up over the years. I'm sure our collections will all pale in comparison to shademp, but whatever. This is my FF shelf in my apartment...
  19. ForceStealer

    Crazy-detailed Minecraft Midgar

    I usually feel like I'm done being surprised or impressed by the things people put together in Minecraft. But still, this is pretty damn impressive. Sauce
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