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    Jason Bourne

    _gBnmKOixDM Hurm.
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    Spectre (James Bond)

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    American Vampire [Vertigo]

    It's an Eisner award winning series by Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque. Breathing fresh air into all things vampires, it also explores the genre of the American Western. Basically, No Country for Old Men, Vampires, and Quentin Tarantino, all rolled up into a comic. First five issues also...
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    Batman [DC]

    With Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo at the helm, the series has probably some of the best writing and artwork I've seen in awhile. Anyone following it?
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    HBO Standalone Streaming Service Coming in 2015

    They're finally getting with the program.
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    Minecraft: The Movie

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    Happy Birthday, HylianMogget

    Be groovy, and enjoy it.
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    Google Games?

    Sauce. This could be a big deal.
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    Battlefield 4

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    The Wolverine / Logan

    AWemNKXIou4 International Trailer: 9Z88fLD1rjU
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    Obama Extols Benefits Of Gaming

    Figured this would be relevant to the section. :monster: Talk about gaming and programming begins at the 27:29 mark. Source
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    Deus Ex Short Film

    Looks like these guys are trying make a short film based on Human Revolution. Here's a trailer: zqmgV3bHA8g Looks pretty damn good.
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    It's a new flick being produced by Christopher Nolan. Johnny Deep will be assuming a key role. Sauce A few more details here.
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    Pacific Rim

    Could have sworn we had a thread for this, but it's not coming up in searches. Anyway, some viral material: d9PFtl2tt9E and EDIT: If you haven't heard of this already, Pacific Rim is a sci-fi film being directed Guillermo Del Toro. It's going to have monsters, robots, Great Justice, and...
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    qiSAbAuLhqs Before anyone says anything about his voice, Lincoln's voice has long been known to be somewhat high. That said, it's Daniel Day Lewis, my favorite actor. So, I'm seeing this.
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    Justice League of America

    Source As a director, he's got some talent. The Town was phenomenal. Problem is, he's starred in every film he's directed. I still don't think they should even make a JLA film. But, if they give him a costume, this film will be dirt. As an actor, his range is very limited. I can only...
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    The Dark Knight Returns (Animated)

    Yes, Frank Miller's graphic novel. Watch the trailer here.
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    High Moon Studios seems to be developing a Deadpool game for Marvel. Source Just about two hours left.
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    Avengers: Item 47

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    FAO: Sheens

    hb an' shit. :monster:
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