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  1. crack

    happy music : D

    what songs cheer you up no matter how bad you feel? Y5VgLOs0LwQ Bo0RpBGHjwA bjPqsDU0j2I at_f98qOGY0& someone should make themed playlists for tls.
  2. crack


    Arguably the best show on NBC right now. Season 3 premieres on Sept. 22nd, and the Season 2 DVD comes out on Sept. 6th. If you pre-order it on Amazon right now though, you get it for half off! And here's a preview of Season 3 with John Goodman (he'll be playing Vice Dean)...
  3. crack

    SEE YA

    Leaving the states on Wednesday! I'll either be too busy to waste time on the Internet or end up having limited connection, so I won't be around for a few months. Hope all of you have a great summer though, and please don't have too much fun here 'cause I'd hate to miss it. :monster:
  4. crack


    I would have tried coming up with a better title, but I don't want anyone stealing this thread from me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you amazing girl you <33333333 have a fabulous day, and REMEMBER: i'll be expecting a drunk call from you. k bye
  5. crack

    need some good/affordable headphones

    Can anyone recommend me some good headphones/earphones? Preferably ones that aren't too expensive, are comfortable, and sturdy. And the louder I can put up the volume, the better. :monster:
  6. crack

    Happy Birthday Kram/Mumble!

    Happy Birthday! :monster:
  7. crack

    Happy Birthday Thai/Sophia!

    Happy Birthday, you awesome person you!
  8. crack

    Yaoi RP lol

    Once upon a time in a peaceful universe, there were creatures called females. But one day, those females all disappeared for reasons unknown, and now without the females, the male population is slowly dying off due to deprivation. However, with the national cool super secret corporation called...
  9. crack


    My camera is shit, but I wanted some constructive criticism nevertheless. The painting's not complete; and I am aware that the light brown color below the trees looks crappy as of now, but I plan on blending it later. I'm pretty much done with most of the trees and the sky; and I'm not too big...
  10. crack

    The Art Critique Thread

    ITT: We post our own art, and give out critique. Flaming isn't necessary.
  11. crack


    I'm pretty sure there are only a few people who follow this anime, but nevertheless, I wanted to make a thread. :monster: Next week's episode has both Kida and Izaya engaging in a fight; : YvD8SKG9ZK4
  12. crack

    Surveys <3

    Because every forum needs this. And I'm bored. And you might be too. -- 01. Do you still talk to the person you had your first kiss with? Yes. He's my best friend. 02. Is it harder to be rejected or to reject someone else? Be rejected. 03. What kind of music did you listen to in...
  13. crack

    Twilight: One of the best books ever created. <3

    This book is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Stephen King, kiss my ass, as Stephanie Meyer truly will be known as a legend in the world of novelty. She is the next J.K. Rowling. Her sales have already proved that she has become a widely known icon across the world already. The plot is ideal...
  14. crack

    Horror Films

    Anyone else a huge fan of horror films? I've been looking for some good horror films to watch for quite some time, and some reccommendations (and movies you don't reccomend) would be all good to me. :monster: What favorite horror films do you guys enjoy? What's the worst? Do you guys find gory...
  15. crack


    Game is simple. You make a wish, the other corrupts the wish in some way. Example: Person 01: I wish for new clothes. Person 02: Granted, but they don't fit you. Person 01: I wish someone else would take the exams for me. Person 02: Granted, but they fail your exams. Person 01: I wish I...
  16. crack


    Hello there all. :monster: I&#039;m crackitlackin (Audrey) from the Cloti forum, and I noticed there were a lot of our members here. I&#039;ve lurked here long enough.
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