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  1. Geostigma

    New Power Rangers Film

    Makes me sad, but maybe they couldn't afford the original cast anymore? Pink and Red ranger are pretty big actors now, the Black Ranger might end up in the MCU , Yellow Ranger is also doing really well for her self. That cast got really expensive this year lol.
  2. Geostigma

    Renaming Dead Accounts for the Sake of Active Ones.

    idk if thats pointed at me but for the record im not attempting to dredge up old ACF shit here. It's a meme from our own Discord that relates to one of the bots (Denzel) and how I'm the one that killed it. It has nothing to do with ACF Geo, and as I pointed out earlier the Geostigma that was...
  3. Geostigma

    Renaming Dead Accounts for the Sake of Active Ones.

    What's funny is Kimble actually did that to me while I was gone and absconded with my dear name of Gabriel. What a shameful act! edit: Mako, the Geostigma on this site is not the same Geo from ACF days :monster: And by the Geo on this site I mean the Geo I stole the username from not me...
  4. Geostigma

    Can someone change my username?

    What was my old username the last time this happened? Something like It's really lame how someone with no posts and hasnt been active in years can hog up a username indefinitely. I'll take that name.
  5. Geostigma

    Can someone change my username?

    Fuck it. Ban them
  6. Geostigma

    Can someone change my username?

    Can you change my name to Geostigma :monster:
  7. Geostigma

    Countdown Clock

    I think it looks great and serves it's purpose well. I honestly don't mind it the way it is now and see what yall were going for. Good job Radigar and Lex for making it, and in secret no less as a nice surprise for the community. edit tbh. I intended for my post to stop there, but like. These...
  8. Geostigma

    Farewell to a Legend.

    In retrospect this guy was a massive piece of shit and deserves 0 of the fan fare given him in this thread.
  9. Geostigma

    Symphonic Reunion Teaser + Reaction

    Great video lol
  10. Geostigma

    Video Essays on film and gaming

    Definitely going to watch this later when i get home. I'm generally pretty fine with CGI these days and think it's used way more than people realize so i'm curious to see what they think. I wonder if they will do an Aquaman episode. I've only seen it in 4k so idk if this sentiment was held for...
  11. Geostigma

    Restructuring the Board (Your Thoughts)

    That's a good one too. Like in other forums, people just call the new Doom , Doom2016 etc. Same for the 2019 call of duty that us literally gonna be named Call of Duty Modern Warfare, ppl are already just calling it CoD 2019 instead
  12. Geostigma

    Your Lifestream Needs You!

    Sorry I edited my post as you posted this. Heres the thing tres. You dont seem to know how to use discord and are using your inability to work with it as a con against the system as a whole lol. Sorta like old people who stick to physical keys on phones :monster: Many of the gripes you...
  13. Geostigma

    Your Lifestream Needs You!

    People generally dont use forums at nearly the same rate anymore lol Edit And again as far as the content creator team goes, if your not in the creator discord your basically not in the team. It is 100% set up to be the main location where we gather and basically "writers table" the videos...
  14. Geostigma


    ^ Not the same V :monster: Is this what the rest of us SO members were like when we showed up here? I'm so so sorry. I figured the rest would have grown up by now, i was one of the youngest members and I'm 30 now sooo.
  15. Geostigma

    Your Lifestream Needs You!

    To add to Lex's screenshot, here is what your missing out on in the Social Server It's really starting to pick up steam and there are a ton of new faces showing up regularly now, the FF7R section regularly has atleast 1 or 2 people chatting about it and it would be an absolute treat to get...
  16. Geostigma

    Your Lifestream Needs You!

    Oh hey heads up if you wanted to join and still haven't asked one of the producers ( lex, me, claymore and Fancy) for an invite to the creator discord your goofing son lol . Please hit us up so we can get the ball rolling :D
  17. Geostigma

    Your Lifestream Needs You!

    Or pm us here too would work :)
  18. Geostigma

    Your Lifestream Needs You!

    Lol the content creator discord is a completely separate discord server than our public one that your only invited to once you join the team. Thus why I said to PM us once your set XD If your barely joining the team (or returning) you are def not in the discord lol
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