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  1. hui43210

    FFVII REMAKE Official MODS Thread

    Short hair Seph looks like pure blasphemy haha. That Marlene one is... uh.... something.
  2. hui43210

    FFVII REMAKE Official MODS Thread

    Whoever made that mod is brilliant! going to have to try it out sometime.
  3. hui43210

    Sephiroth's Presence! And some interesting info on him [SPOILERS]

    Quick question, can you really call anything in this game a retcon? It's a new game 23 years later that's designed to stand completely on its own, only using the original as a guide. Complaining that it introduces Sephrioth earlier and other changes is like berating a bear for going in the woods.
  4. hui43210

    FFVII Remake delayed to April 10th Worldwide

    I don't have leave to book and I would never take vacation to play a video game. Still it's sad as my hype levels have only increased since watching demo footage, but it is what it is. Just got to let them finish the game.
  5. hui43210

    SPOILERS Leaked Character Screens (Untagged Spoilers, potentially big implications)

    This is legit insane, I'm amazed that people pulled this off. I feel for bad Normura, he's going to be a sad.
  6. hui43210

    FF VIII Remaster [Available Now!]

    The more I look at the the new designs, the more I'm liking them. That's partly because I'm a massive weeb, but it actually makes sense in the game as they're highschoolers. The one thing I like about the old PS1 graphics is that it gave some scenes a very creepy vibe. The low poly faces can...
  7. hui43210

    FFVIIR Official Concept Art & Twitter Whatnots

    Pretty sure it was, it's just more obvious from a HD 3d perspective. And Holy crap does it look good!
  8. hui43210


    22 years later, and Tifa is still best girl
  9. hui43210

    New Trailer Incoming @ Concert

    For me, the more original story content added the better. I love the FF 7 expanded universe, and I like the idea of incorporating more of those elements in the main story itself. Plus, I've played the original story many times since 1997, just rehashing plot points wouldn't be as fun as mixing...
  10. hui43210

    New Trailer Incoming @ Concert

    What was that black mist at the end? Don't remember anything like that in the first one, so that's the first story diversion I've noticed.
  11. hui43210

    New Trailer Incoming @ Concert

    And the countdown begins.....
  12. hui43210


    Wouldn't expect anything FF7 from Xbox, but maybe more on the KH3 dlc? Or some other random Square property? Saw one guy claim FF8 is getting it's port treatment finally, but if that is true I'd expect that for the SE presser tomorrow.
  13. hui43210


    I'm here for the hype.... And hi Sailor lol.
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