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  1. Lord Noctis

    D&D Film Honor Among Thieves

    I'm not 100% sure there isn't already a thread for this movie, but in my inebriated state I have been unable to find one. Personally I really like the look of it. Has kind of a Guardians Of The Galaxy feel to it, ya know?
  2. Lord Noctis

    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

    First episode of Strange new worlds is out, and it was actually pretty good. It actually did a really good job capturing the feel of classic trek. I enjoy modern trek more than some, but that’s definitely something that’s been missing. I wouldn’t say it was one of the all time great trek...
  3. Lord Noctis

    Lord Noctis' Bleach fanfic: The Covenant Of The Witch

    So, writing used to be my main hobby, but life can be sucky and busy so I really haven't done much of it these past few years. By which I mean up until a month or two ago I haven't written a damn thing. With some encouragement from my wife; I have begun working on a Bleach fanfic. I think its a...
  4. Lord Noctis

    Star Wars Eclipse

    I didnt see a thread for this yet, so here we go.
  5. Lord Noctis

    SPOILERS How Strong is Remake Cloud?

    Obviously Cloud is pretty strong, strong enough to pass as the SOLDIER he claims to be as evidenced by his ability to defeat opponents like Roche and Reno. But at the same time we also know he's not nearly as strong as he'll get later on, as evidenced by how easily Sephiroth was able to beat him...
  6. Lord Noctis

    Dragonball Heroes Anime

    Kinda surprised I didn't see a thread for this. DB Heroes is getting an anime adaptation, with the first episode dropping on the first of july. k5o3JCBSRZo
  7. Lord Noctis

    Roosterteeths Day 5

    Roosterteeth is a company that has focused almost exclusively on comedic content in the past. Some of their series have contained dramatic elements and serious moments, but I don't recall them ever attempting something like this before, so it should be interesting to see how it turns out...
  8. Lord Noctis

    Xenoverse 2

  9. Lord Noctis

    DragonballZ: Fall of Men

    So, I didn't see a thread for this, so I'm gonna put it here. This DBZ fan film is a few months old, but it really deserves some attention. EDIT: Special mention to the soundtrack, which is fucking awesome watch?v=HM20wwzl4Ds
  10. Lord Noctis

    Independence Day Resurgence

    Didn't see a thread for this, so here you go. watch?v=LbduDRH2m2M
  11. Lord Noctis

    DBZ Light of Hope

    watch?v=opji5DgE_nQ So this seems pretty neat. Its a live action series set in future Trunks' timeline. Now I know live action DBZ stuff tends not to work very well, but this is fairly entertaining.
  12. Lord Noctis

    Noctis plays all of the games

    Some friends told me I should do some lets plays. I saw nothing wrong with the idea, so I'm giving it a try. I shall post the results here in this fine little thread. To start with I decided to play through Jedi Academy. I think it might take me a wee bit to hit my stride with the commentary...
  13. Lord Noctis

    X-Ray and Vav Well, roosterteeth went and did it. There is now an animated series about Gavin and Ray's alter egos, X-Ray and Vav. Who would have thought that a throw away joke in an achievement guide video would lead to this? There are two episodes right now...
  14. Lord Noctis

    Lazer Team

    I'm sure all of you are familiar with the company known as Rooster Teeth. On the off chance you aren't, they are the guys responsible for Red Vs. Blue, and RWBY. Right now they are raising funds to make a live action feature length movie called Lazer Team, which is said to be a sci-fi...
  15. Lord Noctis

    Dark Dungeons

    So I got home from a session of the Dragon Age tabletop rpg with some friends, and immediately found out that a certain anti-gaming comic by one Jack Chick is being turned into a movie.
  16. Lord Noctis

    Kingdom Come Deliverance This game looks like it might be pretty damn cool if they can get it made.
  17. Lord Noctis


    So, I figured its about time we got a thread regarding the series, RWBY (Pronounced Ruby). RWBY is essentially an anime produced by Roosterteeth. To be precise, Monty Oum, also known for his Dead Fantasy videos, is the main man behind this project. The series follows a number of characters...
  18. Lord Noctis

    Shadows of Ebberon: A D&D Campaign

    Alright. I've spent quite a sum of time tyring to determine exactly how to start this thing. After some considerable thought I've decided to start nice and simple. So, without further ado we shall begin. -- It was a quiet day for the four of you, Trine Planecrosser, Grey Longreach, Nilrain...
  19. Lord Noctis

    4E Dungeons&Dragons With Noctis

    Lately I've really been wanting to throw down and play some D&D, but I find myself short on fellow players. As such I would like to extend to you, my good adventurers, the opportunity to explore vast and uncharted lands. The chance to delve into Dungeons deep, and caverns old. For those of you...
  20. Lord Noctis

    Death Battle: Goku vs Superman

    Alright, this is the big one. This fight is scheduled to be out sometime this month. Originally it was going to be on December 21st, but the animation is taking longer than the guys at Screwattack expected. The full episode is supposed to be about thirty minutes in length, but for now we have...
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