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  1. Geostigma

    Great Old One

    I feel like the title should be handed out based on how long you have been with the community in addition to poast count :monster: discuss. Also gimme great old one pls.
  2. Geostigma

    Lets talk about quality

    For a bit of context, recently we quickly made a video regarding Tabata leaving SE. While we were happy with the final product it did bring on a brief shower thought-esque discussion regarding quality, speed in making the content, and to an extent the idea of whether or not we should just do...
  3. Geostigma

    Chrono Trigger Sequel was repurposed into a mobile game

    I think this might be the only time they legitimately acknowledge the existence of Chrono Break. And it's depressing. "There was actually a time when I planned a new title called Chrono Break," Tokita explained via email. "Though it was canceled before accomplishing anything, the overall idea...
  4. Geostigma

    The Orville

    So I just binge watched the first 5 episodes on the Fox website where they are all apparently up for free (in the US at least) with ads. And I gotta say I think it's an excellent show. I don't particularly care for Seth Mcfarlanes shows and movies all that much. Family Guy might get a...
  5. Geostigma

    Secret Enemy fight : Test 0

    Thought this was neat. 3bthQ_COuM0
  6. Geostigma

    Moments in video games that you think are badass

    Coming at you guys with a Dungeonmaster tier thread and thread title :monster: This thread is basically for moments in games, set pieces, or even actual IRL things that may have happened with a game that you really adore. So I was hanging out with some old friends and the conversation lead...
  7. Geostigma

    Videos and stuff

    After making that Overwatch video for a friend of mine, another asked if I could do one for him in Quake champions. So I guess I'll just make a thread and post them both here lol. mRY19lV_3NQ GsIIP6R-bXs
  8. Geostigma

    It's been good.

    But I think I might be done. IDK how long this will last and stuff I usually silently go away for a few months at a time here and thought this time I'd at least say bye. Though to a certain degree I feel like it might be the final good bye. I think Aaron finally managed to get some of that CBA...
  9. Geostigma

    WoW : Legion

    New expac is right around the corner. I know I'm probably the only one who is gonna play it here but I know theres a few ex players or general MMO players around here and am curios what you guys think. nnjGw9ZL3QQ Please don't suck. Please don't suck. Over all though I think the new areas...
  10. Geostigma

    Coolest Movie moments ever?

    I couldn't think of a better name :monster: So any way what do you guys think are some really cool moments in cinema that made you say holy crap etc.? For me I think one of the coolest moments and sequel set ups ever has to be the end of the Pirates of the Caribbean 2. I saw this in the...
  11. Geostigma

    FF14 Podcast for TLS?

    Just copy and pasting my post in the FF14 thread : So how many of you guys still play or actively keep up with the game? I ask because there could be opportunity for TLS to get into the podcast/Stream scene for FF14 and now's a good time to strike...
  12. Geostigma

    Swiss Army Man

    yrK1f4TsQfM Kind of silly but in a great way. This movie looks wonderful lol
  13. Geostigma

    Sadako vs Kayako (The Ring vs Grudge)

    So apparently this is going to be a thing lol. Premise wise how unlucky does a person have to be to both watch the cursed video tape (in an age of Blu ray and streaming no less) and then go hang out at the cursed house 7 days later haha. 0pOQR9hm-yk
  14. Geostigma

    Worlds Adrift So this is extremely premature as the game is still in early alpha stages but I just discovered it tonight and had to share it. So the premise is basically Minecraft(yaaaay another one) , Survival, Real physics set in an open sky populated by floating islands that...
  15. Geostigma

    Handjob Cabin

    I dont even know what to say lol Vao5rn7OHPo
  16. Geostigma

    Beasts of No Nation

    oRsaclO0VbU This movie looks like its going to be excellent and brutal. Can't wait to see it though I fear much like another favorite of mine (City of God) I will only be able to sit through it once or twice in my lifetime tops lol.
  17. Geostigma

    Turbo Kid

    AFlZ6pVtnv0 If you liked Kung Fury you might like this one.
  18. Geostigma


    So liek I'm to lazy to check if embedding a gfycat in img tags will work but on the off chance it does not could that be a functionality of this forum? :monster:
  19. Geostigma

    Dark Souls 3

    dyRJ5u-L8qw It needs to be noted that these are the same people who "leaked" that MS bought Silent Hills for billions (lol) and also that MS was making a HDDLess Xbone some time back. Aka bad track record. Personally I think the concept art is real and is definitely Dark Souls style. The in...
  20. Geostigma

    E3 2015

    1 month to go and the conference time tables have been announced recently so we might as well get the yearly thread rolling :monster: Anything you guys are looking forward to or hoping shows up? Personally I can't wait to see...
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