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  1. trash panda

    Ugliness in Art

    How do you capture ugliness in art? I don't mean ugly Renaissance babies or portraits of "ugly" :quote: people. (See references below). I mean, really aesthetically pleasing faces can belong to ugly people so how would you portray a person's inner fugliness in art? I'm asking for...
  2. trash panda

    GRRM's Wilcards coming to Television

    GRRM just released this news on his not-a-blog a little while ago Any Wildcards readers? I've only read a smidgen of the first book. :monster: EDIT: I forgot to mention (if you're not familiar with the series) that Wilcards isn't GRRM's baby like ASOIAF is. George is the editor and the series...
  3. trash panda

    TLS Awards Revisited

    Hi all, We're planning to revisit the TLS Awards (way ahead of time) and give everyone the opportunity to: + Discuss the current awards titles + Suggest new awards titles + Discuss which awards titles should to be removed from the event ^ So do that, right here right now. Discuss...
  4. trash panda

    Darth Maul: Apprentice (Fan Film)

    Mother of Doge, this is something I want to see. aDCNTLzTgSo Djo_91jN3Pk
  5. trash panda

    HALP! Need musical assistance

    I am looking into purchasing a new instrument as well as some recording equipment. I’ve already surpassed the Blue Yeti and I have my heart set on the Rode NT1A microphone. I’ve also chosen Acoustica Mixcraft 6 as my mixing program. I already have Garage Band. ^ I haven’t purchased either of...
  6. trash panda

    FF Themed Never-Ending Community Discussion

  7. trash panda

    TLS DeviantArt Group Discussion/Vote #3

    + Please click on the artwork title below to be directed to the full size image on DeviantArt. + Discuss the featured artwork below and be respectful to the artists. + Cast your vote; this week’s fan favorite will be displayed on our DA group’s front page until the next community vote. Kefka...
  8. trash panda

    TLS DeviantArt Group Discussion/Vote #2

    Happy Autumn, folks! Welcome to our second ever TLS community artwork discussion. + Please click on the artwork title below to be directed to the full size image on DeviantArt. + Discuss the featured artwork below and be respectful to the artists. + Cast your vote; this week’s fan...
  9. trash panda

    TLS DeviantArt Group Discussion/Vote #1

    Hi all, As was previously mentioned, we now have a TLS DeviantArt Group. This here is sort of a trial-run so y'all can see how the community vote/discussion will work. Basically, we as a community will continue to share our favorite fanarts in the Favorite Fanart thread. Every week or so...
  10. trash panda

    TLS DeviantArt Group

    I’ve gone ahead and set up a group on DA which we’ll be using to showcase arts (and crafts) from FF enthusiasts across the web. Now…I’m terrible with words so I’ll put my vision in a TLDR list. :monster: Ze Vision: + A handful of fanarts will be selected from the DA community...
  11. trash panda

    The Sexy Scottish Man Club

    Olool for Lex :properhug:
  12. trash panda

    TLS Store...Actually...Maybe?

    So I came across this while looking for ways to waste my money and it made me think of the TLS shop idea. The TLS shop thing has been mentioned in passing before, but as GRRM would say “farts in the wind”. Or was it “words are farts”. Nonono, it was “words are wind”. :wacky: Granted, this...
  13. trash panda

    Collectibles You RLY Want

    I'm not sure if there's a thrad for this, but if there is, pls merge it. :monster: What's on your fanboy/girl wish list? I'm talking about stuff that's rare or hard to find that you've been pining over for years and whatnot...stuff you have to SCOUR the internet and save your money for. I've...
  14. trash panda


    I just wanted to say that today is my last day in the life of unemployment. Effective tomorrow I will be commuting 4 hours a day just to get to work and back until I can manage to get into my new pad. Maybe it's one of those awesome jobs where I can lol around on TLS all day, but that's yet to...
  15. trash panda

    Legs Appreciation Club

    Please appreciate all things legs here.
  16. trash panda

    Arty Farty Giveaways

    Before you continue, know that this thread is purely self-centered and I'm 100% exploiting you for ideas. :monster: I'm contemplating doing some sort of contest/giveaway on DeviantArt to draw a little bit of attention to my page. I'm not that great of an artist (yet) but I feel like I'm...
  17. trash panda

    Interviews with FFVII Cast Members

    Since this is turning into a potential project... I was thinking of doing mock interviews with the cast of FFVII but I wouldn't want to do it alone on account of the fact that most characters wouldn't get coverage and I am a notorious procrastinator. :| I've decided to take up the...
  18. trash panda

    Square Enix Earnings Release - Fiscal Year Ended March 31st, 2014

    On May 12th, Square Enix released their Annual Earnings Report. (Earnings have increased since last year.) The company has also released their latest Executive Presentation, wherin you can find some insight (which you were probably already aware of) on Square Enix's goals for the previous...
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