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  1. Erotic Materia


    Volume 3 coming out May 20th! Here's hoping it's better than Volume II... it sure LOOKS good.
  2. Erotic Materia

    Halo TV series

    As of the time I'm typing this, 2 episodes are available on the (godawful) Paramount+ app. I'm liking it so far, but I'm still waiting for something with some real impact, and it hasn't hit yet. It feels like they're building up to something, but I could just be projecting. I really hope they...
  3. Erotic Materia

    Chrono Cross Remaster

    While I was searching around for various Chrono Cross stuff, I came across an article, which referenced another article, which referenced yet another article, which referenced a Reddit post about another SE game. Which all seem to point to a not-unlikely chance of CC getting a shiny new coat...
  4. Erotic Materia

    The Legend of Vox Machina on Amazon Prime

    If any of you follow Critical Role, the most well-known D&D podcast, you're probably already aware of this, but if not, the first 3 episodes just dropped today. I've already watched them, and I am loving it. It's very much not a kid's show. Hell, you see titties in the first 5 minutes. Plus the...
  5. Erotic Materia

    Invincible coming to Amazon Prime March 26th

    I can't fuckin' WAIT.
  6. Erotic Materia

    [MILD SPOILERS] Results from Square-Enix survey!

    I don't remember seeing this, and I didn't find it in a search. If I'm wrong, mods, feel free to delete this thread. I just stumbled across Square-Enix's post-play survey! All kinds of fun stuff, it's interesting seeing the various disparities between different options presented throughout the...
  7. Erotic Materia

    I'm loving this stupid "TierMaker" stuff

    Just stumbled across this, and of course I couldn't stop myself. If you wanna fill out your own stupid tier list, you can do so here: Click! Or you can make your own, should you feel so inclined. Ok thanks for reading this complete waste of a post, I love you.
  8. Erotic Materia

    Why can't [insert party member] hear Tifa?

    I was re-watching this scene: ...and something doesn't add up. Tifa is shouting to Cloud (named "Johnathon" in this video, I dunno), but nobody is reacting. I understand that Sephiroth can exert some control over Cloud because of the Jenova cells, but I don't see why the other character...
  9. Erotic Materia

    What's your favorite in-game background image/art?

    I was thinking about this earlier when someone mentioned the Northern Cave, and my memory was transported back to this area in particular: Coming into this spot for the first time had quite a profound effect on me. Despite the literal world-spanning adventures the party finds itself in, this...
  10. Erotic Materia

    Post your favorite wallpapers!

    This popped into my head after a mostly-unrelated comment by oty. Over the past few months, I've been slowly aggregating a collection of my favorite FFVII wallpapers. I didn't see any other dedicated threads, so I made one! In the interest of not having tons of full-blown images taking up tons...
  11. Erotic Materia

    Hey VR nerds! Where you at?

    I often see people posting about this game or the other; I wanted to start my own thread to have a place for those of us who play VR, regardless of your platform (I have 2: OG Vive and Oculus Quest...but mostly just the Vive). Let's talk about VR stuff! Beat Saber, Elite Dangerous, SkyrimVR...
  12. Erotic Materia

    This person has been reimagining various FF characters as Moogles, and it's incredible

    I stumbled across this person completely by accident, and wow. I don't typically go for cutesy art like this, but I'm loving them! They've got quite a few of these, check em out!
  13. Erotic Materia

    Oh. My. GOD. This new trailer!

  14. Erotic Materia

    I want to play that demo!

    This isn't something that really popped into my head until recently, but I've seen a few things pointing to the possibility of Squenix releasing the playable demo (ya know, the one that you can now play in the EU) to those who have a PS Plus account. HHHHNNNNGGGHHH GOD I NEED THAT :hooboy...
  15. Erotic Materia

    We just got two new guys in the office... They seem a little tense

    They're a little short, and they don't talk much. But damn, do they have some incredible hair. I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but I just had to share it somewhere.
  16. Erotic Materia

    If you don't already own a ps4, you might be able to get one today for a good price.

    Today is prime day! Normally I don't go for that, but I checked it out because I know that I'm gonna need a ps4 at some point before the remake comes out. Anyway, I've been tracking prices on ps4's, and as of the time I'm typing this, there's a $300 "lightning deal", a ps4 pro 1 TB bundled with...
  17. Erotic Materia

    Is there a list somewhere of all the smilies/emojis that we can use?

    I just wanna know what kind of arsenal I have to work with :monster:
  18. Erotic Materia

    Oh hey there. Wanna be friends?

    I suppose I should introduce myself; I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be a regular visitor for the foreseeable future. My relevant background: Waaaaay back in 1997, Pepsi was doing a promotional thing, one of those "check under the cap to see if you've won a prize!" deals. During that period of...
  19. Erotic Materia

    Where did Tifa stash Cloud after she found him at the train station?

    I'm sure someone has already asked this question, but I can't find a reference to it anywhere. When Tifa finds Cloud, he's a hot mess. Head flopping all over, moaning like a zombie on ecstasy. Then he sees Tifa and pops up, in full Cloud/Zack glory. She decides to take him in to keep an eye...
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