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  1. Blade

    I was Young, I was Stupid, and I wrote a Fanfic with Typos.

    OH. MY. GOD. I found my old Fanfic. And it's as terrible and as embarrassing as I remember it being (I even had a sequel planned, goddammit). I hate my younger self. My younger self shipped characters! My younger self was a Clerith... and I hate him! Well I don't "hate him" hate him, but...
  2. Blade

    Flash Sales Thread

    Since I didn't see any, I figured now was a good time to start. There's a Steam sale for Final Fantasy games going on RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT (Expires February 25th!) Lotsa people round the forum were griping about the prices of...
  3. Blade

    Was there ever a Meta Story about Gilgamesh?

    For a guy who keeps jumping in and out of the Rift / Abyssea / Cleft of Dimensions / Land of Eureka / "Whatever you want to call it" etc etc... you'd think he'd have his own game/quest/storyline by now. I know the guy served Exdeath at one point, but I'm pretty sure he's long since been done...
  4. Blade

    Samurai Spirits

    2FKoZb1sv64 I actually have a long-standing history with this game series, long before I ever played games like Guilty Gear or Soul Calibur. I love this series so much, you have no idea.
  5. Blade

    The Joe Madureira Thread of Awesome [Battle Chasers/Darksiders]

    So, in case you've never heard of him, Joe Madureira is a Comic book artist, and he's done a lot of work over the years. Long story short, he worked with Vigil Games and THQ and eventually got his own studio Airship Syndicate. His most early work Battle Chasers was a comic Graphic novel series...
  6. Blade

    New Gundam Breaker

    Did I mention I'm a mechaphile? 6a6bTNRn9xk June 21-22nd is the release date for Steam/PS4. Steam version should be interesting. Don't get me started on my Wing Zero obsession.
  7. Blade

    Sephiroth's Swordsmanship: How legit is it?

    Ever since playing the Dissidia games and later Crisis Core I've begun to wonder a few things about Sephiroth's fighting style. I know he uses a technique called Octaslash, and it's the same technique Zack uses, implying they both had similar training in SOLDIER, but beyond that I know next to...
  8. Blade

    Guilty Gear Begins: TRANSLATORS NEEDED!

    Yep... it has begun: If anyone wants to help in at least converting Japanese text to a text document (so I can at least put an effort in translating, since I'm mostly illiterate) I'd GRANDLY APPRECIATE IT!
  9. Blade

    ReThink Fantasy RPG: by Atlus Trailer: I wanna get people's thoughts on this game. It seems to be the antithesis of the Persona / SMT games. I personally hope that it isn't some diatribe on Isekai...
  10. Blade

    Famitsu does a 20th Anniversary Special on Tactics Not sure what it says, but it should be cool!
  11. Blade

    Concepts/Ideas you wish FF games implemented but haven't yet.

    I was having a conversation with my fellow mechaphile Kaihedgie about the Magitek Armors in FF6/FF13/FF14/FF15 and how they are used mostly as afterthoughts in the games they've been in. Not really even something you could take advantage of or hijack, but just a post-game unlock, if even that...
  12. Blade

    Gogo Fan Theory: Is he Sigfried's imposter?

    Background: A recent theory popped up that suggests Gogo was linked to an incomplete sidequest related to the NPC Sigfried. Supposedly...
  13. Blade

    Opera Omnia Dissidia News/Discussion Thread

    Post Opera Omnia News/Discussion in here. For regular Dissidia discussion/news, use the other thread: Just trying to stay Organized.
  14. Blade

    If "Overlord" was an RPG

    Ains Owl Goawn (or however you spell his name). If you've never read the Manga or seen the Anime 'Overlord', I suggest you go do so! Premise is this: Guy plays an MMO game he and his 'guild' dominated, but he ends up getting trapped inside the game as a force to be reckoned with. It's become...
  15. Blade

    I wrote a Thing It may be unrelated, it may NOT be, but the similarities are suspicious.
  16. Blade

    Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin This being a "Valkyrie Profile" game, I had to take notice of it! Lots of people suggesting this will be a Mobile game, but I don't really care! It's been so long, any news would be good. And besides...
  17. Blade

    Artbook Hunting!

    This is not easy for me as I am looking for a bunch of artwork from people who aren't just character designers but animators and producers and such... I know next to nothing about where to get good artbooks as reference. I want to use these books as reference for my own artwork, see... Anyway...
  18. Blade

    Imports you've NEVER heard of!

    That's right, this topic is about obscure games you've never played or tried or had any idea existed, with the caveat being THESE GAMES ARE STILL FUN. :awesome: (By the way, Japanese versions of games coming out in the west don't necessarily count in this case). Here's a few titles you may...
  19. Blade

    The Origin and Concepts of Final Fantasy

    This is something I've wanted to talk about for a long time but never really delved in to. Final Fantasy (the first one at least) gets much of its lore from Dungeons and Dragons, but also other things. A few things that come to mind are the various job classes (expanded on in later games but...
  20. Blade

    Let's talk about Weapons!

    I said "I like swords!" and I do. Whether it's the Nailbat, the Forcestealer, the Ultimate Weapon, or the Fusion Swords... Heck, even making Masamune equippable!!! That's what this thread is all about. What do you think would be good to see in this Remake? Actual changes to models when...
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