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  1. Lex

    Regarding transphobia in the LGBTQ+ thread

    Hi folks, There are a few things that need to be publicly addressed following recent discourse in the LGBTQ+ thread. In summary, there was some transphobia on display and following discussion with staff we feel that action must be taken. TLS has always been a place that has championed...
  2. Lex

    Fantasian: Sakaguchi's new project

    So I'm only reluctantly making this thread - I'm trying not to be like, a gaming snob, but I really dislike it when games that look this good are exclusively mobile titles. It looks so good!
  3. Lex

    FFVII: Ever Crisis Announced

  4. Lex

    FFVII Remake: Intergrade Yuffie DLC Announced

    Yuffie waaaat EDIT: New trailer
  5. Lex

    FFVII Remake Subforum Reshuffle (Spoiler threads will be no more)

    Hi folks, I think it's well past the time we put the spoiler threads in the general FFVII:R section - the spoiler threads don't show up unless you actually go there and interact with them in some way, which no doubt stifles some discussion. The threads will still be spoiler tagged but over the...
  6. Lex

    Sassy Justice

    What It took me a bit to work out how he looked like Trump. Then Al Gore appeared. Super cereal.
  7. Lex

    Final Fantasy XVI

    EDIT 2nd June 2022 - New Trailer TRAILER: The rumours have been flying for a while - we all know it's coming at some point, and it's being discussed elsewhere so I thought it was high time this thread came to be. Playstation have an event on Wednesday and the next FF is rumoured to make an...
  8. Lex

    Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

    Who is playing this incredible nonsense? It's 60-person battle royale meets Takeshi's Castle with fun little cute blobs and honestly it's just incredible fun. I'm not really that into modern multiplayer unless it's a franchise I like (Uncharted, Mass Effect, FF) but this is crazy fun. It was...
  9. Lex

    Super Mario Series Thread

    How do we not have one of these already??? Anyway, I'm hot off Nintendo's 35th Anniversary Direct with its crazy announcements. All Stars is available now, 3D All Stars is coming out in two weeks (includes 64, Sunshine and Galaxy) and 3D World is releasing for Switch next year. I play Mario...
  10. Lex

    Supernatural [TV Show - Spoilers]

    There have been two threads on this topic - one hasn't been posted in since 2010 and the other was made by a member who is now banned, and was also in the clubs section. Me making this thread is almost entirely pointless, but given I've been following the show for 15 years I thought I'd create a...
  11. Lex

    SPOILERS FFVII Remake Sequel/ DLC Leaks Discussion

    Do not read any further if you want to avoid potentially being spoiled on story beats from future titles in this franchise. You have been warned. That said, obviously take everything with a pinch of salt. Information has been mined from the full version of FFVII Remake which is indicative of...
  12. Lex

    SPOILERS Hard Mode Discussion

    I need this and I think others will probably want to discuss strats too. Spoilers for entire game obviously. I've only done chapter 1, but I decided to hop into Chapter 17 because another Shinra Combat Simulator is unlocked. It looks like the game's secret boss is in there, in the last...
  13. Lex

    Enjoy the game (spoiler free fluff)

    Hi folks, I just wanted to put a message out to the community: enjoy yourselves. Some have had the game for a week or so already, but most of the world will be playing on April 10th (today). I'm in the UK, so it's been April 10th here for 2.5 hours at this point. Folks in North America (a big...
  14. Lex

    SPOILERS FFVII:R Chapter 18 Spoiler Discussion

    Discuss chapter 18 openly here! No spoilers for anything beyond chapter 18 please <3
  15. Lex

    SPOILERS FFVII:R Chapter 17 Spoiler Discussion

    Discuss chapter 17 openly here! No spoilers for anything beyond chapter 17 please <3
  16. Lex

    SPOILERS FFVII:R Chapter 16 Spoiler Discussion

    Discuss chapter 16 openly here! No spoilers for anything beyond chapter 16 please <3
  17. Lex

    SPOILERS FFVII:R Chapter 15 Spoiler Discussion

    Discuss chapter 15 openly here! No spoilers for anything beyond chapter 15 please <3
  18. Lex

    SPOILERS FFVII:R Chapter 14 Spoiler Discussion

    Discuss chapter 14 openly here! No spoilers for anything beyond chapter 14 please <3
  19. Lex

    FFVII Remake Copies in the Wild (NO SPOILERS)

    Hi folks, We need to have a discussion about what this means in terms of posting/ spoiler policy on the board. Sadly it looks like there are copies of FFVII Remake that have made it out of warehouses and into the hands of sellers. This tends to happen with Square Enix games these days for...
  20. Lex

    FFVII Remake Delivery Delay Notice from Square (AKA Shipping Woes)

    I know this has been posted elsewhere, but I thought to keep the discussion in one place a thread was in order. This isn't unexpected, and I really appreciate them putting this notice out rather than letting the shipments go. We'll look to Friday for more information (though I wonder what that...
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