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    *European Screaming* :rage: but I need watch this.
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    Yen Press has acquired the rights to the Final Fantasy VII: On the Way to a Smile

    @Dashell correct, the last 9 of April was launched on Spain: In this translation, the choice was Veld instead Verdot, Aeris instead Aerith and Sefirot instead Sephiroth. About Ultimanias there is still no information at the moment.
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    Remake Interviews: Catch-all Thread

    We should check this website more often ( ), it seems that it can give us more interviews in the future. I found this interview conducted by Aya Hirayama, head of Human Resources Department to Shinichiro Biwa Planner of the First Business Division. The only...
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    PC Version/Mods

    Sorry I posted my last message from my android phone and made a fast comparision between these Shademp links, I didn't get the original background field.
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    PC Version/Mods

    WoW that's incredible, now we can read a lot of hidden stuff!!
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    FFVIIxMobius Card Compilation

    Update: new FF7 cards are finally appearing in the japanese Mobius version source files. It does not let me update the first message of this thread, already passed the 20 images limit. Since we do not have too much news about the remake, it seems like a good gift. Merry Christmas! @X-SOLDIER...
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    Anybody up for a G-Bike archive?

    Well almost a year after that I think it's time to start shaping the archive. The recent name change of the twitter account of the game made me remember that I should take up this thread again. First thing that can help us to know all contents of the game is last version of location file, I...
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    TLS Ranks Final Fantasy Songs

    Final Fantasy VII Valley of the Fallen Star You Can Hear the Cry of the Planet Judgement Day One Winged Angel Crisis Core The Price of Freedom Why Dirge of Cerberus REDEMPTION Hope of the Future Final Fantasy VIII Liberi Fatali Final Fantasy IX The Place I'll Return To Someday
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    Report Bugs

    This isn't a real bug, thats the way how the XF template was built for work on all display resolutions. In Iphone 4 and 5 screens size at vertical orientation, the profile section will be compacted in the left menu:
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    TLS Instagram: Call for Content

    Not the most recognised FF creature, but this image have an instrument combo x2 guitar + flute, and I love this creatures Christopher & Gighee from FFVII
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    Report Bugs

    I found other issue with old media BBcode for youtube videos. The width size of the table generated by this bbcode isn't responsive. Issue thread Testing new XF BBcode: ________________________________________________________________________________________ By the other hand I realized...
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    Report Bugs

    @Lex for Edge works the same css rules but you can target this navigator with: @supports (-ms-ime-align: auto) { instead of @-moz-document url-prefix() {
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    Report Bugs

    @Cthulhu , @Lex This code should fix the issue: /* Fix for Badges in Firefox by Radigar */ @-moz-document url-prefix() { .message-cell.message-cell--user .userBanner>strong, .message-cell.message-cell--action .userBanner>strong { display: none; }...
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    Welcome back! Read this for post-migration information

    Thanks!!, all migration went smoothly, now we are a real modern forum. Long live to TLS!
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    New Images from FFVII VR Express

    This image makes me thought about other possibilities. If we suppose that doesn't come from VR Express, why this image have a fish-eye style in his background? Maybe SE are working on a VR experience DLC in the Remake like in FFXV?
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    New Images from FFVII VR Express

    From VR Express in Square-Enix Cafe Source:
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    please no, not again :@ wb87AMBCHh8
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    SE Recruiting for Remake Level Planner

    New screenshot from FFVII Remake, maybe Air Buster Source:
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    E3 2018 -Official Thread of Games and LOWERED EXPECTATIONS-

    True, what a shame. Thanks for the notice Shad. It seems that I arrived late hahaha
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