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  1. Dumb Apple

    Final Fantasy XV (was Versus XIII)

    Honestly the outside case/cover is a bit err... "loud", and is going to fit absolutely nowhere, but overall the art book itself is really impressive. We only got one signature from the art team, but it looks like who signed which copy is somewhat randomized (e.g. he got a CG artist who worked...
  2. Dumb Apple

    Final Fantasy XV (was Versus XIII)

    Measuring in at just shy of 19.5 inches long (about 50cm) this book does not fuck around.
  3. Dumb Apple

    Final Fantasy XV (was Versus XIII)

  4. Dumb Apple

    Final Fantasy XV (was Versus XIII)

    It was pretty funny how we both went from "Man, that's kind of lame." to "HOLY SHIT THIS IS SO COOL" when we figured out that we had different signatures. Now I'm curious as to how unique each of the signatures are. How many different artists? Did they do a different doodle for each signature?
  5. Dumb Apple

    Congrats on getting hitched, Geo

    Aww, thank you so much everyone! And yes, while I don't frequent here as much as I should, X and I are still buddies online. P.S. This was our "entrance song" to the reception, and this was my husband's and I's "first dance".
  6. Dumb Apple


    I remember writing the news post for the Tech Demo of FF7 over on ... Ten. Fucking. Years. Ago.
  7. Dumb Apple

    E3 2014

    If you have any interest in checking out the Uplay lounge, send me a PM.
  8. Dumb Apple

    Final Fantasy XV (was Versus XIII)

    R.I.P. In other news. FUCK YEAH FINAL FANTASY XV.
  9. Dumb Apple

    Final Fantasy Versus XIII

    This. Only I'll probably shell out for a PS4 for Versus. :'( I'm that kind of the consumer, who will purchase a console for a highly coveted titled [looking at you, Ocarina of Time 3DS].
  10. Dumb Apple

    Final Fantasy Versus XIII

    4+ years later and I'm still snorting any FF Versus XIII news off a glass tabletop.
  11. Dumb Apple

    Obama Extols Benefits Of Gaming

    Going to be leery and cynical about this for a hot second, so excuse me. 1. Learning programming is great, if you want to be a programmer. I couldn't pass "Intro to C++" despite multiple attempts. I don't have the mindset for it, nor the will to really learn it. 2. Developing video games is...
  12. Dumb Apple

    Final Fantasy IV Coming to iOS

    I remember the first time I played FFI, and wondered how the hell it saved an entire company from going under. There is one person, and one person alone who knows what you're supposed to do next. And until you talk to that one person, you are completely lost. The thing with this is, I already...
  13. Dumb Apple

    Final Fantasy IV Coming to iOS

    ... and because the one thing I need right now is another copy of FF IV. I think I am up to... well... four at this point.
  14. Dumb Apple

    Man of Steel / Justice League / DC films

    This is what it reminded me of, especially at the 1:36 mark: YP1QHVNHMAE But the first trailer did use a LoTR Piece: XwP1rJsQIHA But apparently it's a composition of two pieces: DtZTUbNrrRE
  15. Dumb Apple

    Man of Steel / Justice League / DC films

    Right?! I'm trying to find it's stock trailer music [e.g. Immediate, Two Steps from Hell, Future World Music, etc.] or it it's for the OST or something. Any help identifying it would be appreciated. :awesome:
  16. Dumb Apple

    Happy Birthday Geo / Dumb Apple

    :joy: Aww, thnx gaiz.
  17. Dumb Apple

    What are you listening to?

    .cough. Anywho, Muse's new album 2nd Law. ... Jury is still out for more. I have yet the one song that is my hands down favorite. =/
  18. Dumb Apple

    Naruto Anime/Manga (Manga Spoilers Not Tagged) [WSJ]

    I took the whole he survived because Rin died a bit more figuratively - how he physically go out from underneath the rubble, and recovered is (?) amount of time. But what drove him to continue living once he learned that Rin had died was the idea that "this" reality wasn't worth living in...
  19. Dumb Apple

    Watch Dogs

    :awesome: <- Me, when the showed Chicago. They even got the "Conversation L" right, for when the damn trains go by overhead and you can't hear ANYTHING.
  20. Dumb Apple

    Elder Scrolls Online

    They are going to have to do something different if they're going to wedge out a safe spot in the market. The IP alone isn't going to guarantee success.
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