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  1. Dumb Apple

    Where am I?

    What is this place? Who are you people?! .cough. Apparently I got bite by the nostalgia bug at 3:30 AM on a Tuesday morning, and found myself here. And god damn do I miss some of you fine folk, who I hope are still hanging around. And remember who I am. Christ, I feel old. Remember when me...
  2. Dumb Apple


    :awesome: A bit of shameless self-promotion, but since it's being covered by the major news sources now anyways y'all can suck it up and deal: There's the website, where you can view the trailers, screens, and [gasp!] download the game to play. It's free, so no...
  3. Dumb Apple

    Vector Request

    I have a request. A very, special request. See, my birthday is two months away. I'll be turning 21, and I'll be throwing a Final Fantasy themed cocktail party. Before hand, however, I wish to get my Final Fantasy tattoo. And I was thinking of this: But obviously, that's not good enough...
  4. Dumb Apple

    US Getting Dissidia Bundle =/ Don't think it's the special PSP though...
  5. Dumb Apple

    FF7:ACC + PS3 Bundle...?

    =/ Not sure if you want to report this, but it was posted on FF7AC Reunion, so yeah. From what I gather, it looks as though SE is "expected" (take that as you will) to announce a PS3 bundle, akin to what they did with CC and Dissidia. The announcement is supposedly going to occur at...
  6. Dumb Apple

    Before Crisis on iPhone?

    Before Crisis on iPhone? Ok, so we've all see these types of topics before, but deal with it. My question is; with the iPhone out and super popular, with it's camera and it's fancy touch screen and it's push for gaming and applications, do think there is any hope we could...
  7. Dumb Apple

    Final Fantasy Versus XIII

    :monster: Discuss. <<" Ok, so the names are slightly uninspired. Noctis - Night, Stella - Star. Haha, I see what you did there. So we don't know much about this game yet. There is a Crystal, protected by the Prince. People are getting together to figure out what to do with that...
  8. Dumb Apple

    Holy Astringent Plum Like Fruit Batman!

    O haaai gaizzz. :duhard: I'm Dumb Apple, the evolved form of Geostigma. :D I'm super excited that this forum is open, and that you guys are running it, and that I have a place to get my nerd on about Final Fantasy VII once again, w00t w00t. ... hurrah! See you around, hopefully.
  9. Dumb Apple

    Dissida Play Station Portable

    Is this going to be a limited release thing or what? I'd love to get it, but unfortunately, I don't have the money [right now] to spend on it. :/ Does anybody know what the supplies of these are going to be? I don't think it's going to be as hyper exclusive as the FF VII one...
  10. Dumb Apple

    Stagnant Lifestream

    @.@ Ok, I'm having a hard time wrapping my little fangirl mind around this, so I'm hoping some of you can help me put everything into order. I'm super confused about Stagnant Lifestream. Is it the same as G Substance, or is it something different all together? What exactly is...
  11. Dumb Apple

    What are you looking forward to most in ACC?

    What are you looking forward to most in ACC? So, one of these days the bluray directors cut of Advent Children [read, Advent Children: Complete] will come out. Now, chances are, NTSC and PAL regions will never see it [legally], but when has that stopped anyone? My question then is, out of the...
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