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  1. Alex

    Someone named Verendus claims an FFVII remake is happening.

    Remember when the Turks wore navy blue? That was the shit. I'd go as far to say that everything suffered in the Compilation. I don't want to see a remake of FFVII set in the horrible new universe they reinvented for the Compilation (that is still unfinished, gg SE)
  2. Alex

    Occulus Rift selling out to Facebook... FACEBOOK :<

    You'd have to be pretty damn entitled to ask for your donation money back, Jesus Christ. But, then again, the internet is currently riding high on an unprecedented wave of entitlement - so that sounds pretty par for the course (sadly). It's important to make the distinction between a donation...
  3. Alex

    R.I.P. Oderus Urungus (Dave Brockie of GWAR)

    I heard about this a few days back now. Tragic. Music will be a lot less fun from this point on.
  4. Alex

    Star Wars: Episode 7, 8... and BEYOND!

    Honestly, that's been my reaction to this whole sorry endeavour.
  5. Alex

    What are you listening to?

    Fight Like Apes - Something Global
  6. Alex


    Hey, you. ;)
  7. Alex

    Indiana Jones

    Indiana Jones is a typical George Lucas franchise in that the amount of torrid garbage now vastly outweighs the amount of good pieces (that's two films, fyi). Unless somebody seriously wants to make a case for Young Indiana Jones not being terrible.
  8. Alex

    What are you listening to?

    Coffins - The Frozen Styx
  9. Alex

    Fantastic Beasts Series (Harry Potter Spinoff Films)

    There's something inherently disappointing about the words 'spin-off' that genuinely prevent me from being excited about it. I'm sure it'll make a shitload of money, but the question of whether it will be any good (or necessary whatsoever) definitely remains up in the air.
  10. Alex

    smilies anyone?

    Why do we have fourteen different facepalm smilies? Are they exempt from this vetting process?
  11. Alex

    Time to remove smilies from smilie list?

    Dude, I haven't spoken to Reg in like six or seven months? I have no idea what his deal is. For what it's worth I'm sorry that it happened so publically, but I genuinely don't know what I've done to him to provoke that kind of reaction.
  12. Alex

    Time to remove smilies from smilie list?

    This is why I don't show up much any more. I make one post facepalming Mumble for getting rid of all the jackfaces and in the space of half a page I'm called a fuck, an asshole and a drama whore, and accused of being insulting, dragging up things from other boards and threatened with...
  13. Alex

    Time to remove smilies from smilie list?

    Wow son, language.
  14. Alex

    Go Mog, it's yo buffday, we gonna party like it's yo buffday

    Belated happy birthday mate. Hope you're taking care of yourself. Mad props to whatever dope bro made that sicknasty piece of art.
  15. Alex

    Time to remove smilies from smilie list?

    At least there's still more than enough facepalms to cover this :prefacepalm:
  16. Alex

    An introduction

    This thread is like a terrible reunion of people that routinely vanish off the face of the internet. Adam, Sheena, hows it going?
  17. Alex

    Holy **** has anyone played this?

    Keeping your characters dead and unusable until you start throwing big gobs of money at it? I didn't know SE were meta (terrible) enough to basically turn the development process for FFXV-Versus the Universe into an actual game. (Yes I did)
  18. Alex

    Off for a few hours

    Jury's still out on whether or not this is legit. He's just about reached the halfway point. It's in God's hands now.
  19. Alex

    Tough Love: A Dacon Fanclub

    He was sick of your bullshit. Yes, you specifically. Nobody elses. Just yours. :moar:
  20. Alex

    Last Film You've Seen

    Another Earth Cool premise. Awkward editing. Indie pretensions. Recommended.
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