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  1. Kamui

    Strike in the Night - Lightning Fanclub

    I know that FFXIII just came out yesterday, but I thought that there should be a fanclub for the leading lady, Lightning. So come and celebrate the awesome new hero of the Final Fantasy family! Rules: Obey all forum rules No flaming Please use spoiler tags as needed since this is a new...
  2. Kamui

    Distant Worlds Chicago

    I know there was a thread created by ForceStealer for the Baltimore concert but this one is for the Chicago one that took place on 12/12/09. I had the thrill of being front row at the concert and I'm gonna give a review of it plus put up all the announcements they gave at the concert. Review...
  3. Kamui

    The Senior Final Fantasy Thesis

    Okay so over the course of this school year I will be writing my senior thesis on Final Fantasy. Basically my topic is why it keeps myths alive and all sorts of academic stuff, but it's really just an excuse for me to rant about why the series rocks. I'm making this thread to be 2 parts blog, 2...
  4. Kamui

    Pride and Dreams - Angeal Hewley's Fanclub

    If we have a Sephiroth club, then we must have one for Angeal. Don't ask me about the logic of it, just go with it. Standard club rules, no bashing, flaming, spamming ect. So Angeal, for those who've yet to lay hands on CC (and why haven't you?) is a SOLDIER First Class. He's the initial owner...
  5. Kamui

    Salutations and Greetings

    It is I, KamuiKeyblade! Long time no see everybody! :D Hope things are well and I should be around! So, anything interesting happen in the absence of everyone?
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