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    Hopes for the remake (gameplay/combat)

    I vote for a monster that you run into outside of Midgar that drains ~25% of your XP/AP with every hit. :mon: Seriously though, I don't think it's that complicated. Cap the levels, and all the other grind-y nonsense; but make sure it's still a fun and satisfying game. Provide some secret...
  2. InterfaceLeader

    Plot Changes a Possibility?

    Yah, plus the fact Wutai stood up to Shinra for 10 years or so suggests they weren't some peaceful farming nation...
  3. InterfaceLeader

    Is Midgar the greatest fictional city ever?

    I am going to go with Bingtown. Not sure if it counts as a city or a city-state though. Either way, it's cool, and you can buy anything. (Robin Hobb, Liveship Traders)
  4. InterfaceLeader

    So what's canon now?

    Why is there 'obviously' an intention behind it beyond 'it looks cool'? I think you are giving Nomura credit for a way more nuanced understanding of theme and design than he's ever demonstrated before :mon: To answer your original question Liquorice: I personally think we'll see a split into...
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    So when *THAT* moment arrives for Aerith... are you going to be able to keep your eyes dry?

    Same. I don't think I cried the first time I played, despite it being a surprise. But every time I replay it gets me, in part because it makes me think of another young woman I knew and loved that went far too young and far too suddenly. Death and mortality becomes more real when you get older...
  6. InterfaceLeader

    Guessing Game: When will we get the remake?

    How do you put money in? Do you just say you will? Because I will put in $5. (It would be more, but I'm still saving for a PS4 or PS5...)
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    NEW TRAILER: State of Play May 2019

    Went to the Distant Worlds concert in London last night, and the whole second half was dedicated to FF7 (and they showed the new trailer). The hype is real.
  8. InterfaceLeader

    Favorite FFVII Fanart

    I like that Tifa. It is an incredible piece of 3d art. Though for the one in her skivvies... she doesn't look much like she was once impaled on masamune...
  9. InterfaceLeader

    Remake Interviews: Catch-all Thread

    I can live with any and all single plot points being the same as the OG, the same as the Comp, or completely new... as long as the sweeping sense of scale, the incredible characterisation and the quality of the storytelling is high. They want to completely redesign the scene where Sephiroth...
  10. InterfaceLeader

    Disenchantment by Matt Groening

    I quite liked it. Sure, it's no Futurama but if it didn't have the spectre of Futurama hanging over it we'd all probably rate it more highly :lol:
  11. InterfaceLeader

    Queer Eye (Netflix Reboot).

    I binged this last week, how appropriate. Karamo is probably my favourite, Antoni is pointless but is very decorative :awesome:, Bobby works way too freaking hard I APPRECIATE YOU BOBBY. I don't have a favourite episode, though the first episodes of both season 1 and 2 were pretty special. I...
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    Choose your menu bar

    Another one with astigmatism etc. who has 90% of websites zoomed in to cope. I like option 2. Thank you <3
  13. InterfaceLeader

    Remake Interviews: Catch-all Thread

    Red sounds so posh, I missed that when I watched AC. I guess you could argue Cosmo Canyon is a big University though, and Oxbridge accents are acceptable?
  14. InterfaceLeader

    Steven Universe

    One of my favourite lines ever: Ahhhhh.
  15. InterfaceLeader

    What games are you currently playing?

    I just finished Mario RPG. It was fun! (Though my inability to do more than 3 Super Jumps at a time frustrated me greatly). :P
  16. InterfaceLeader

    Welcome back! Read this for post-migration information

    IT ALL LOOKS AMAZING! I love it. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who was involved :D:D:D
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    Grats everyone involved :D
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    On Forum Titles and Roles - Important!

    I think having 4 max at 50x50 looks good on the new forum. BUT I also like the fact the cookie monster fake ones on the test thread are square. It makes it a pleasing grid, and also means the shape of the icon isn't adding distracting angles into the overall layout. (I also think it might help...
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