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  1. HylianMogget

    Dark Souls (Project Dark)

    Yeah, Friede is kind of a slog. Not a bad fight, but I feel like it’d have been better if they separated out the second phase into its own fight or something rather than giving her three health bars and making it be Lady Maria again>Ornstein and Smough again>Lady Maria again again. I also have...
  2. HylianMogget


    Yeah, BB is fantastic and the DLC is even better - every DLC boss fight is a banger, the added weapons are all really cool, and it expands the lore nicely. I also found Laurence to be the hardest, along with the final DLC boss. Ludwig is my absolute favorite boss in all of the games I’ve played...
  3. HylianMogget

    Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

    That scene was better before, IMO. Jack consciously looking at his phone to put the music on was funnier. Reviews should dock points accordingly. :monster: Didn’t play the other demos cause I only have a PS4, still kind of curious about the gameplay (and …whatever this game is trying to do...
  4. HylianMogget

    Elden Ring

    I've been taking it slow and exploring as much as I can in the first area (and I played the network test, so I'm probably being exceptionally slow in making progress lol). This is the first time playing a game in the series on release, not years afterwards, so I'm trying to go in as blind as...
  5. HylianMogget

    Forspoken [aka Project Athia]

    Not sure quite what to make of the 4 minute gameplay trailer. Like the traversal looks like it could be fun, but the world shown looked kind of empty/bland, so it kind of seemed just like... running around in an open world but fast? And the magic looks visually really cool but the mobs being...
  6. HylianMogget


    Dang, very impressive. Isn't pretty much everything a one shot on Very Hard?
  7. HylianMogget

    The Legend of Zelda (General)

    This is hilarious. I mean, sorry for your predicament, but I'm picturing Fierce Deity Link bonking his head on door frames and it's funny.
  8. HylianMogget

    Shin Megami Tensei series

    I ordered a physical copy of SMTV but it got lost in the mail apparently :(. It was through Amazon so at least getting a refund was easy, guess I'll try again. :monster: I'm really looking forward to playing it, it's been a long time since I've played SMT and I think it's been a really long...
  9. HylianMogget


    Yeah, Automata's difficulty modes aren't very well balanced, unfortunately. Easy is sort of the plays itself mode, normal is more reasonable after the prologue. As the others said, you can always switch difficulties, so there's no shame in switching if something's annoying you. I wish there...
  10. HylianMogget

    General Anime Thread

    Mob Psycho 100 season 3 is happening! The first two were GREAT, really looking forward to this.
  11. HylianMogget

    Cowboy Bebop Live-Action Series

    Yeah, I'm kind of getting this vibe from the teaser. Kind of reminds me of the Scott Pilgrim movie, too. What it does with the transitions and stuff is interesting and looks good, but I'm still not sure how I feel about it overall. Not that the anime was always super serious, but this seems...
  12. HylianMogget

    I've been on this hecking website for 10 years

    Happy TLS anniversary, Fangu! I know I don't post all that much, but I'm genuinely grateful that this forum is still around. It feels like the internet has changed a lot since this place started and it's so hard to find communities like this nowadays.
  13. HylianMogget

    Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

    I honestly go back and forth about the game's level of self-awareness. (Granted, I've really only seen the two trailers and the infamous "bullshit" scene.) Like, in the "bullshit" scene, I do think the game seems to be riffing on the usual emotional speeches that are often in JRPGs. However...
  14. HylianMogget

    Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

    Honestly, the gameplay looks pretty fun (wish I could try out the demo but I don’t have a PS5), visuals look better than before, too (though the art direction is still all over the place). Holy shit at the scene with the phone. So the game really is some sort of self-aware parody? Either way...
  15. HylianMogget

    Bloodborne / FromSoft Discussion!

    I should probably give DS2 a fair chance at some point, probably shouldn't let negative opinions about it bias me before I've even tried it. There does seem to be a tendency for people to complain when a game in the series does things differently than the previous game(s), like with BB's...
  16. HylianMogget

    Cowboy Bebop Live-Action Series

    Yeah, that's definitely a live-action version of the Cowboy Bepop OP... tbh my main thought was just "I could just watch the original, though?" which I'm kind of predicting will be my takeaway from show as a whole. To be fair, the opening is so beloved/iconic that they pretty much had to...
  17. HylianMogget

    Kingdom Hearts III

    Yeah, that sounds fake, particularly given the "DMC team" thing and getting Yoshida's role wrong. Idk what the "maybe it will be anticipated in June" parenthetical is getting at exactly, either. Plus, that first KH game name is in no way crazy enough for a KH spinoff. :monster: Also, this is...
  18. HylianMogget

    Forspoken [aka Project Athia]

    Same... except for maybe Triangle Strategy (though I still haven't checked out the demo :monster: ). Anyway, this looks kind of interesting. I don't think the dialogue in the trailer was terrible (for better or for worse it's not so bad it becomes memey like the Stranger of Paradise CHAOS...
  19. HylianMogget

    Prism's Art and GameDev Thread

    I think the newer version of the logo definitely reads better at a glance than the first (the lower case "a" was slightly tough to quickly parse). I'm kind of curious how the more rounded bits of the "oo"s in "moon" would look if more straight (since the other letters don't really have curves)...
  20. HylianMogget

    Pokémon General Thread

    Poketoon about a girl who turns into a Gengar (English subs are included):
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