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  1. Hellen


    Heeeeyyyy.... we were tidy.... sometimes XD Ok, than, let's speak of Reno's "ambidexterity"? You know what I'm talking about? It pisses me off sometimes, 'cause I'm not sure if it's a mistake or what? >_> I'll put pics in spoiler tag: Gaaaah, it pisses me off :ego:
  2. Hellen

    E3 2009

    Watched the whole thing... Didn't like the Wii presentation =/ Assasin's Creed 2 is going to be epic :awesome:
  3. Hellen

    Monkey Island: Special edition / remake and episodic content

    Saw it on E3 and literally fell of my chair XD But what about Grim Fandango? I think I've heard something about not making a remake, more like a sequel... or something like that? :huh:
  4. Hellen


    Wow I haven't seen that video for ages =D You can also find a lot about him on "finalfantasy.wikia" And, this is old, but sooo good XD
  5. Hellen


    hmmm... hi L :)
  6. Hellen


    Welcome and hf ;) I don't think you remember me, I was kinda new on ACF :wacky:
  7. Hellen


    Yay ^_^ I bring a gift :awesome:
  8. Hellen

    Post Your Lyrics

    the Kovenant - Star by star We were alone and on our own, in the dark between the stars From the shadows to the pyre, amidst the chaos, from the stars Love, life and liberty, Hate, death and captivity Like a stain of starless darkness, across the canvas of space Star by Star Corrupting all of...
  9. Hellen

    Concerts you plan to attend

    Still waiting for Depeche Mode and Ladytron concert which is canceled till further notice :(
  10. Hellen


    Tnx all ^_^
  11. Hellen


    May I join? :joy:
  12. Hellen


    lol, yea, that one XD Thanks guys ^^ 600th member? Awesome :awesome:
  13. Hellen


    Some of you know me already :monster:
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