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  1. looneymoon

    Final Fantasy 7: The Hardest Part (video)

    Basketball game in Gold Saucer
  2. looneymoon

    Pokémon General Thread

    I think Trainer Red might be referring to this Reddit post. I saw this when it was posted as well. There is nothing confirmed - mostly rumours and speculation - but it definitely makes sense given GameFreak's handling of the trademark since B/W. tl;dr : Nintendo has relied on Pokemon to sell...
  3. looneymoon

    Pokémon General Thread

    sigh... I don't think I have ever gone SO INCREDIBLY excited to how utterly deflated I feel after this E3, with regards to Pokemon. The removal of National Dex is the end of mainline Pokemon games for me. It completely ruins the experience and I am very upset for a lot of reasons I am too sad...
  4. looneymoon

    E3 2019

    Didn't expect Nintendo to kill it, was incredibly surprised. I peed in my Nintundies for BOTW2
  5. looneymoon

    Legendary Pictures' Godzilla

    I saw this. I had fun. The score was great, and the monsters were cool. I liked it a lot more than 2014, personally. Also Godzilla/Mothra OTP
  6. looneymoon

    Tifa or Aeris the better waifu?

    for what reasons are the waifus gonna fight, if it's not over me
  7. looneymoon

    Tifa or Aeris the better waifu?

    high-res decaying eldritch tiddies hnnnghh
  8. looneymoon

    Tifa or Aeris the better waifu?

    This is the only honest thread on this entire website. Also, Jenova is god-tier waifu.
  9. looneymoon

    The Lion King (2019) The whole campaign this movie is a mess and continues to leave a really awful taste in my mouth
  10. looneymoon

    Your Lifestream Needs You!

    I am alright with navigating the discord, but the sheer volume of everything makes it a lil overwhelming for me. I've only really used it for small gaming groups n stuff. It okay though cuz it seems you guys have a good groove going. If any assistance is needed, you are welcome to tag me (I am...
  11. looneymoon

    Aladdin (2019) - Live Action movie

    I am imagining everyone in the ticket lineup closing their eyes, locking hands, and chanting in unison, "I do believe in reboots! I do! I do!"
  12. looneymoon

    Sonic the Hedgehog

    This probably deserves this own thread, but I have been putting off watching this video which would be relevant to the topic of entertainment industry workers:
  13. looneymoon

    Game of Thrones

    Some hot takes that make me angry all over again.
  14. looneymoon

    Game of Thrones

    I'm pretty much okay with the results of what happened, but the journey did not take me there. It felt really weak and anti-climactic. Sad to see the show end on such a whimper, when it's a contender for one of the greatest TV series ever made regardless.
  15. looneymoon

    Aerith UGLY?!

    Her brow does seem to furrow at a strange beat of the phrasing. It's not anything breaking, imo. Something something poetic meter something something, you know?
  16. looneymoon

    Game of Thrones

  17. looneymoon

    Aerith UGLY?!

    I like how she looks. She still looks like a Final Fantasy character, but also shows them getting out of the "same face sydrome" that a lot of the central characters suffer from. I mean, I think the FFXV models did that as well. I think Aerith just stands out a lot, as far as the "typical...
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