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  1. looneymoon


    I :sadpanda: you forever my friend! I hope you have a good one lil bear
  2. looneymoon

    Project W, Fortress, and a Western AAA Final Fantasy

    Wl6mG3U4vaY t9CuT_mOeEs I remember seeing stuff about Fortress on this forum way back when, but I've only recently heard about Project W. I couldn't find a thread for it and I thought it deserved its own. It makes me think about what a Western...
  3. looneymoon

    rupauls drag race

    START YOUR ENGINES.... aquaria FTw the vixen for miss congeniality. make it happen vh1
  4. looneymoon

    FFVII in non-FF7 related media

    I searched for similar threads like this and didn't find any. I thought it might be fun to dump things you find that reference FF7 :monster: It might be an interesting ongoing IMDB/Wikipedia type article for the site if there isn't one already. I'm just gonna dump these two Youtube clips right...
  5. looneymoon

    Happy 2018!

    To those of you in America : Happy 1948!
  6. looneymoon

    Animal Crossing Mobile

    Is anyone here playing? None of my friends are responding to my help to get into Shovelstrike Quarry :@ my friend ID is 84815214541 and I have a lot of fruits for sale for anyone who needs em :)
  7. looneymoon

    is there no Twin Peaks thread?

    I searched for one but couldn't find one! I just finished going through the series with my significant other, including the new season and Fire Walk with Me. Does anyone have any good input/analysis on the finale? I have a lot of thoughts, but was wondering if anyone here had any thoughts on...
  8. looneymoon

    I couldn't remember the name of this site right away

    A few days ago, I made fun of a friend for jerking off to Tifa Lockhart hentai. I got a pang of nostalgia and decided to drop in and say hello! Do I know anyone who's still active here? Last time I logged in was 2015, yikes.
  9. looneymoon

    terrible films with soundtracks u can't get enough of

    i just watched the 50 shades of grey movie now i cannot get away from the music they used in this movie :|
  10. looneymoon

    who here uses i could use some people to follow. esp for whatever shoegaze/dream pop/trip hop/grunge you may have to recommend.
  11. looneymoon

    in my absence i have fallen in love with one direction

    i abandoned this forum for wandering the pastures of the one direction fandom i have come to share what i've learned with all of you
  12. looneymoon

    Orange is the New Black

    IS NO ONE ON HERE WATCHING THIS SHOW!? I just finished marathoning the new season and now I feel hollow inside. I don't know how to stuff this void with feelings because I sure as hell can't stuff it with more episodes. waiting for season 3
  13. looneymoon

    Bravely Default

    I'm surprised I haven't found a thread about this game. I just picked it up and it feels a lot like a classic Final Fantasy game. In fact, I'm surprised it isn't one. Though to be honest, what with how the FF series has been the past however long, I would probably be less inclined to pick this...
  14. looneymoon

    Is there official music release info on this site?

    I know that they exist elsewhere, but I was looking for info on FF7-specific albums and couldn't find stuff. I know that info exists elsewhere, it just seems surprising I couldn't find it here : P It would be cool if someone more musically incline than I (Aaron? Ite?) could do detailed...
  15. looneymoon

    what do you guys talk about these days?

    hello! i am a very busy person who works + goes to school + political activism + has a demanding social life. i don't have a lot of time to keep up with forums but thought i'd drop in to say hi when i can! i have a bit more free time now that i have been the last little while. what's up.
  16. looneymoon

    what the fuck is this Is this some weird thing that happened in the fandom that I was completely unaware of or...? Also the archives are quite long and cba to read it, can someone give me the cliffnotes version?
  17. looneymoon

    final fantasy ambivalence

    woah hey i am kinda of drunk beatr with me i was having a covnersation with someoe about how sad it is what this series has become and just man :sadpanda: i love final fantaxy man it was such a nbig part of my gaming experience i miss when it eas an actual respectable sereis i could...
  18. looneymoon

    Fantastic Beasts Series (Harry Potter Spinoff Films) DISCUSS
  19. looneymoon


    i've been switching between lurker mode and just not being around for the past little bit is there anything exciting i've missed out on or
  20. looneymoon

    video games and motion sickness

    does anyone else have a problem with this? i've always been really sensitive to motion sickness, ever since i was a child. i had to ride in the car with these wrist-bands. certain games have given me a really difficult time with it. the first kingdom hearts comes to mind. is there any way to...
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