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  1. Keveh Kins

    Sonic the Hedgehog

    A thousand times this! Think it was Starlight Zone, but there's a section in one of the later levels where it's clearly encouraging you to build up as much speed as possible and zip along the loops and whatnot, and then just randomly they stick two fucking worm things in the middle of it to fuck...
  2. Keveh Kins

    AC/CC >> Remake Buster Sword Changes

    Tickles me that Nomura seems to be becoming a Mr. Burns-esque boss, makes demands, forgets them, runs with the change until he completely 180s and demands the exact opposite of what he originally asked for. "For the last time Takeya, shave those sideburns!!" :monster:
  3. Keveh Kins

    Sonic the Hedgehog

    I beat the original Sonic the Hedgehog and collected all the Emeralds in it for the first time to day :monster: Played it on the PS4 Mega Drive collection thing. Older games have been a godsend with how little time I have to game at the moment, still getting that endorphin hit of finishing a...
  4. Keveh Kins

    Netflix Castlevania Series!!

    Soooooo hyped for this. It's single handedly stopped me from cancelling my Netflix subscription
  5. Keveh Kins

    Catch-all R.I.P. thrad

    Sinead O'Connor at 56
  6. Keveh Kins

    VGCartography - Showcasing FFVII's 3D models

    The curve in the Masamune in OG Sephiroth's battle model always tickles me. It looks more like the sword has been damaged and bent than an intentional curve
  7. Keveh Kins

    Retrogame collections

    ^This is amazing and I'm infinitely jealous :monster:
  8. Keveh Kins

    General Castlevania Thread

    Been watching this incrementally over the last few weeks and it's a pretty fantastic overview of the entire franchise. Learned a fair few things about the development and of course, Konami being Konami, that I never knew :monster:
  9. Keveh Kins

    First time poster, long time lurker

    Pleasure to make your acquaintance, mo chara :monster:
  10. Keveh Kins

    Crisis Core -FFVII- Reunion General Discussion

    If you look close enough you can see he carved the gold hilt under the riveted box
  11. Keveh Kins

    Crisis Core -FFVII- Reunion General Discussion

    At least we'll get to see Zack getting fucking owned at the end in all its glory :monster: I jest, I jest
  12. Keveh Kins

    Crisis Core -FFVII- Reunion General Discussion

    In all likelihood it's a rating thing. Decapitated alien head? "No, no, no." Implication of decapitated alien head inside a hitherto unexplained container? "Why we can get you an 'Ages 3 and up' with that!" If it's not for a rating, it's no weirder a style choice than purple goo blood in the...
  13. Keveh Kins

    What are you listening to?

    Reminds me of the Kill 'em all sound, bit of motorhead in there too. Hetfield still has the pipes :monster:
  14. Keveh Kins

    Catch-all R.I.P. thrad

    Tommy was my absolute childhood hero. Coolest character on TV to little kid me's mind. He's about 90% of the reason I wanted to grow my hair long in my yoof. Sad, sad day :(
  15. Keveh Kins

    Crisis Core -FFVII- Reunion General Discussion

    The reworked soundtrack fuckin' slaps from what we've heard. The mix is crisp as fuck :monster:
  16. Keveh Kins


    Tekken 2's OST is god-tier. Absolute classic themes :monster:
  17. Keveh Kins

    Welcome to Silent Hill

    A Pyramid head scheme
  18. Keveh Kins

    Welcome to Silent Hill

    Restless dreams they say... It's going to be a subscription ASMR sleeping-aid service.
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