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  1. CrashOuch

    SPOILERS LTD Remake — It's like New Coke except ... no, it's exactly like New Coke

    Haha I think this is derailing the thread a bit but I didn't have any way to play OG FFVII for a very long time, literally until a couple of years ago, so I made do watching walkthroughs, so I've seen other people play it all the way through a couple times, no idea where I got to when I played...
  2. CrashOuch

    SPOILERS LTD Remake — It's like New Coke except ... no, it's exactly like New Coke

    @Lestat hahaha I'm not even sorry about not playing it at this point. I feel like I've done my time elsewhere ? Hey, guys, please don't hate me.
  3. CrashOuch

    SPOILERS LTD Remake — It's like New Coke except ... no, it's exactly like New Coke

    Very good points @Eerie and @null and @KindOfBlue ! Thank you! I had forgotten there were going to be more remake parts (fake fan) so oof that will be fun. We may well need to make changes or restrictions or SOMETHING up in here when that happens and inevitably sets things off, but I'm happy to...
  4. CrashOuch

    SPOILERS LTD Remake — It's like New Coke except ... no, it's exactly like New Coke

    Hey everyone! I have some important things to discuss with you. First of all, as some of you may be aware, we recently had to take the very hard decision to remove Tres from staff. He's always been very committed to maintaining this sub and keeping a close eye on the goings on here. With him...
  5. CrashOuch

    Preferred pronouns

    THIS IS SUCH A GREAT IDEA! I feel confident we should be able to because afaik there are several levels of subtitles and so on so we could maybe just use one as a pronoun one? I'm gonna go look at mine and see what I can do brb EDIT: Hm hm hm only your AKA and like catchy line are set to be...
  6. CrashOuch

    Happy birthday crash!

    Thank you so much everyone!!! I've been very spoilt and had a lovely weekend :D
  7. CrashOuch

    TLS Virtual Big Meet Up

    Oopsie I'm so sorry I couldn't make it but it's my birthday this weekend (now, actually) so we're busybusybusy. Hope you all had fun! One day I'll make one of these ?
  8. CrashOuch

    Happy birthday Tetsujin!

    Happy Birthday!!!
  9. CrashOuch

    Happy birthday Odysseus!

    Happy Birthday!!!
  10. CrashOuch

    Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

    We've been replaying it! Totally coincidentally haha! I love it so much XII is probably my favourite game ever overall and the first FF I got to play for myself so it's very special to me ?
  11. CrashOuch

    Hi everyone!

    Welcome Cecil, lovely to have you ?
  12. CrashOuch


    Welcome back ?
  13. CrashOuch

    Report Bugs

    I have some bugs that have been driving me mad! I thought it was my old phone but I have a new shiny one now. These are mobile-only problems. I think they're all part of the same thing, maybe xenforo or the forum or something somewhere not recognising certain inputs from certain keyboards? For...
  14. CrashOuch

    Fate/Grand Order

    Such a good video! I love Gigguk in general his chaotic energy is ?
  15. CrashOuch

    Community Playthrough TIEBREAKER!!!

    That sounds great Clement! Good luck! We googled up some nice pictures for every section last year ?
  16. CrashOuch

    Happy Birthday looneymoon

    Happy Birthday Rishi! I hope you had a good day, sorry I'm a bit late <3
  17. CrashOuch

    Community Playthrough TIEBREAKER!!!

    Looks like MGS2 won!!!! Congratulations!! @Clement Rage good luck I'm excited to see you all play this one!!!
  18. CrashOuch

    Community Playthrough TIEBREAKER!!!

    This poll closes in 24 hours! Last chance to vote!
  19. CrashOuch

    Community Playthrough TIEBREAKER!!!

    I can't play either game so I haven't voted but that means I can't see what's winning and the suspense is killing me lmao
  20. CrashOuch

    Community Playthrough TIEBREAKER!!!

    How tense! What will win? You decide! You have 1 VOTE EACH and this poll closes on 19/07.
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